Riders celebrate first sellout of 2009

Less than 2 hours after single tickets go on sale, the Labour Day Classic is sold out.

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/archive/2009/06/01/labour-day-classic-sold-out-again.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... again.aspx[/url]
The Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Labour Day weekend game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was sold out within two hours of single-game tickets going on sale Monday.

Upwards of 30,000 fans will attend the Sept. 6 game at Mosaic Stadium, which has 28,800 permanent seats and about 2,000 temporary seats.

“I am very pleased to announce that ticket sales for the Labour Day Classic at Mosaic Stadium have reached our capacity,’’ Roughriders president-CEO Jim Hopson said in a prepared statement. “With our large season ticket base and demand for all of our home games we are encouraging people to get their tickets early.?

Methinks a bigger stadium is a good idea.

I"ll second that.

Third. Any movement on that front?

If you check out the preseason predictions on this site and all over the web you'd see the Riders are heavy underdogs in the West, and are likely to cross over to the East for the playoffs, if that.

It's safe to say this sellout is an indication that the pride and hope of this great nation has not been broken. For those who'd like to argue show me another single game sellout at this stage of the season...

As I recall the last 2 years at least the riders have been predicted to last or underdogs.And the sell out for labour day happens every year pretty muchI see Riders 2nd in west,a game behind Stamps. :cowboy:

Geez, a sellout for the biggest game of the year! Wow! Note: Sarcasm. Even here in the Hammer we are always close or if not a sellout when the Argos come on Labour Day.

Enough with this bigger stadium crap. Once your fad passes, you’ll be back down to 25,000.

It’s great that attendance is up and selling out in SSK but times and hope has been really good lately. Let’s see when they throw up a could 4-14 seasons if they still have the fan support.

Look, I am all for hometown pride but I will warn you now, you will eat your words sooner rather than later.

You can say what you want about Hamilton. I don’t really care. We were still over 20,000 avg per game last year and we have been hit really hard this offseason with job losses and plant closures.

Yes, when the Cats start winning again, there will be bandwagon jumpers who only want to see a winner and I am pretty sure the same thing is happening in SSK. The team is hot, so more people attend. When the team is lousy, people will go to 1 or 2 games a year instead of their usual 5 or 6.

Try and sellout one game in Hamilton before you start yapping at other cities. You guys have been a joke for almost the whole decade in a weak division.

nto trying to be a jerk here, im not, but in the city of the champions(calgary alberta) they only released tickets for the first game of the year so far. im sure calgary will sellout labour day again as well... if they ever let us buy tickets.

We always sellout Labour Day so I can yap about whatever I want. You obviously didn't read my post very well.

In two hours ? Is it sold out right now ?

My Dad's tougher than your Dad :rockin:

The Riders sold out ALL of their games last year, and will likely do that again this year... this team has the potential to be a 1st place team... they can finish 1st just as much as finishing 4th.. and they play exciting football-- that is what will keep the fans coming back. Its too bad the Cats can't say the same thing... :roll:

That's right man. And if you check the records, the Riders have the best winning percentage of any CFL club over the last 3 years, to further your point. After attending rookie practice today I am just about exploding with anticipation!

toally honest, im new, so im really excited for the season to start to see what the discussion is like in the forums. doe sit get pretty nasty?

OK, I checked the records and your math needs work.

Over the last 3 years the Lions have 77 points (.713 winning percentage) The Riders have 66 points (.611 winning percentage)

BC 38-15 -1 SK 33-21 , hope your not an accountant.

Who are you talking to?


Amaturescribe and his creative math.

funny, I recall them saying that exact same B.S. last season!... hmm what happened? 12-6!

i'll never give a rats A$$ what the media thinks

I pay an accountant, LOL! It must be over the last 2 or 4 years then. It's hard to believe but your doing my math for free. Who's the sucker?