Every other team can beat the Evil Empire....
But not the Riders!!!

Esks 2 Riders 0

Riders thought they'd be the spoiler for the Esks streak... Looks like the Esks may be the spoilers for the Riders home playoff game.

C'mon Riders! Hamilton beat Edmonton! TWICE!!

At home too... First win on the road on the year, first win at Taylor field in regular season since 2001!

We're coming for that 3rd spot!!!!

Go ESKS!!!
Riders suck!

what a crazy last play. almost worked.

Imagine that…the Esks win, and here is EE again…

Good win on the Esks - you deserve it.

IF keith would have pitched that ball out at the end the RIders would have walked into the endzone, but anyways the Riders let that one slip away imo, they had the Eskimos all game, especially in the first half but allowed them to stay in the game until it was to late.

All's that I can say is that the Esks will never be out of the playoff running with the Riders in their division.

Riders always seem to win the games they are supposed to lose and lose the games they are supposed to win which equals a 500 record at best.

If I were a Rider fan right now, never mind.

SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS.. the Charity team of the CFL! psst hey?! need a Win? come play us! we'll give it to you!! honest!

sigh.. and i'm used to this kinda b.s.

HA! HA! That’s sooooo funny because it’s true. As soon as the Riders are close to actually smelling 2nd place in their division they fold, year after year after year.

Tragic man, the 911 lines are off the hook tonight.

Did you miss me?

The Riders play hard at home. That game should have been a gimme for them! The Esks decimated D steped up and Ray was money when it counted.

See you October 27th!!!

Funny stat: Esks have the best divisional record at 5-4!

Edmonton's O line played well - I don't think we sacked Ray once. That was huge as was Kerry Joseph's dumb pass late in the first half that was picked off and led to the Esks score on the last play. Also , how did woodcock get behind the safety at the end- cmon safety - you know the rule- "as deep as the deepest receiver!!"
Oh well- Riders will rule when it counts!!

I don't think the Riders are going to be missing Joseph too much (if he's out next game). Butler is just as capable.

Again Joseph’s knee comes up to be a problem. He is too injury prove and will likely be hobbling around should they put him in against Montreal, giving us a bad effort. Leave him out this time and give Rocky the start against Montreal is the best bet. Rocky did great throwing and came in with huge confidence. The shame is that both his long touchdowns were negated by unfortunate circumstances out of his control. Had we those counted, it’s 34-17 Riders – totally different game. The defense couldn’t hold in the end, so don’t blame Butler.

We also came 4 yards from winning the game despite our defensive meltdown letting Woodcock behind us on two huge plays. Clovis was no where on both of Woodcock’s big plays the TD and the big catch at the end to get Ray in scoring range for his touchdown. Clovis is really showing that he is a rookie. For everyone saying Clovis is fine, look at some of his blown coverage and give Gordon another look please. I would take an injured Gordon over Clovis.

And I don’t believe Keith was greedy at the end. He was exhausted and lost balance. Give the guys credit for the last effort there. It was a horribly broken play and the confusion must have been maddening. We just have to brush it off and keep supporting the Riders down the stretch. The Esks are still 5-9 it’s not panic time yet.

It is that time of year again...where the Riders squander another golden chance to give the fans a home playoff game. The esks are fighting for their playoff lives, but it seems that the Riders are counting on them to lose so they can make it throught the back door. They deserved to lose the game last night, and it could be the start of another off season of wondering why this team cannot take their game to the next level.

Brothers and sisters.. plan the parade for the usual route in Edmonton. I guarantee it


you're right.. getting ahead of myself.
But if EE gets in the 'yoffs.. look out! They just have that way about them.. Eskie magik.. plus Campbell's influence .. i can totally see it.


ok, we don’t hear from EE when his team (EE) loses, but we get the full load of it when his team wins.

Somebody better tell him that it’s not give or take, it’s GIVE AND TAKE!