Riders call a presser for 10:30

Aaron Hunt ?

Joffrey Reynolds ?

Andrew Fantuz ?

I'm think Reynolds...

Rod Petersen suggesting Big Gene is moving on...

Geno gave us his heart. He will be missed, but with the recent signings it's time for him to focus on being the best MLA he can be. Gunna be weird watching a game without him playing in it. Best of luck Geno!

10:30 Center of the Universe time? Or 10:30 Central time?

10:30 central time..

it's to announce that Makowsky is going to retire..

twitter has been going nuts about it.


Going to miss #60 on the line. Thanks for the memories. Don't let politics ruin you.
I hope they retire his number. Deserves to be right next to Aldag, Reed, and Ronny.

Sad to see him leave...
Fantuz is off to Hamilton.. I thought I would be upset by him leaving..but frankly.. I dont care.. He didnt seem to be in it at the end of last season.. NFL curse?

I was wondering myself about the NFL curse. He didnt seem into it to me either. Although i will say im suprised he signed with a CFL team so fast, as i was under the impression he was going for another NFL tryout. Most people felt he didnt get a fair shake with the limited training camp due to the pending strike from last year.

It seems to me, Hamilton is the place where good players go to kill careers... Sandro being one example. jason mass, casey printers. perhaps avaon coburne? i hope this doesnt happen to fantuz. time will tell

Thank you Gene. You are the best. :thup: