Riders bring in Christmas, Pope ahead of camp

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American defensive lineman DeMarcus Christmas and American running back Troymaine Pope.

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Diamonds in the rough... We can only hope...

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Hey! If our defense gets run over by the Pope and you force us to block Christmas I'm going to be very upset.

Well this is apparently the plan... I can only hope it happens that way.. if not I can drink beer :beer: and hope for next year

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You fiends. :grin:

All the kids in the CFL will be rooting for Christmas. It's so unfair.

Well that's the problem with plans...
They will either work or they will not work... Every team has a plan and only one mad scientist coach will prevail... The rest have to deal with the fans that will want heads on platters or gallows filled with those still waiting in line to be hung

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Our mad scientist coach went to Ottawa. But as a counter to Christmas we plan to be Blitzen.

On Donner! On Dasher! On Comet! On Vixen! (Vixen was delicious).