Riders bring back RB Shaq Cooper

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American running back Shaquille Cooper.

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A championship is now a sure thing with the addition of Shaquille O'Neill! What? Shaquille Cooper??? Oh. Never mind! Winnipeg will threepeat and Saskatchewan won't go anywhere... again.

Yea, I get it - the riders are desperate. You're attempt at a joke there was as well.

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After Saskatchewan's latest loss to Winnipeg, the Riders would be smart to decline a crossover.

They won't have to it will automatic, The Cats will defeat the Riders in Hamilton as Evans will feast on Rider DB's, 'Air Evans' will destroy any air defence the Riders could hope to muster. The Stampeders will defeat the Riders in their final two games with their second stringers thereby, keeping the score reasonable. (flattering for the Riders). The Cats will go on to defeat the hapless Redblacks in their final two games.Therefore, exit Riders from any possible playoff opportunity. Next Rider victory will occur sometime during the 2023 season. Riders need a new GM, you can't make chicken out of chicken shit!