Riders bring back Kerry Joseph

TSN story.

Seems like an insurance policy against another injury, since they couldn't make a Burris trade happen.

Was there ever any doubt?

Sure there was doubt. They were probably also talking to Michael Bishop, which would have made one poster very very happy.

Seems like a respectable insurance policy for cheap and not giving anything up. Tino will still likely be the guy, but in a pinch KJ can come in and his experience provides a fighting chance. Great guy for short yardage.

I'm sure they wanted Kent Austin, but apparently he has other obligations at the moment... :lol:

Looks like Kerry is raring to go :lol: :cowboy: I guess that Joe "747" Adams wasn't available :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:


Yeah, exactly. It's not like a ton of guys are available who can step in and play this late in the season, especially since the Redblacks won't trade Burris on anything resembling decent terms.

Maybe it's your definition of "decent" that needs tweaking. Or your perception of his value to the franchise.

So, is the "Durant should be ready by Oct. 24" out the window now? Or is their third stringer now in the Doege house?

Little doubt that one of us places more value on him, yes. :slight_smile:

On the Saskatchewan sports talk radio program "The Green Zone," Belton Johnson has been lobbying for Kerry Joseph for the past two weeks or so. Up to now, I thought Belton was just kidding. In fact, I keep on waiting for the punch line here (i.e. guess Joe Zuger wasn't available.) But as a Bomber fan, I have no problem with the Riders bringing back KJ.

In truth, I'm thrilled!

My guess is Kerry Joseph is in shape and ready to play, not the most talented qb that ever donned a football unie but dedicated, great team player and as I say, stays in shape. Not a bad insurance policy.

Well, he might be in shape, but definitely not "game-shape."

True, "game shape" is a whole different story. But football is more of a mind game than most of the popular sports I think so Joseph might be valuable, he's a gamer and a former safety in the NFL, he likes contact, not an ordinary qb albeit not the best one either but he's a different beast, he would have been a great safety in the CFL I think.

How so? Who else is out there with experience for a reasonable price? KJ, if nothing else, is the type of guy who can be put in and just left to try to make something happen. Did I say that he should walk into town and be made the starter? No, I stated he would a decent choice in a pinch. Doege is clearly not ready at best, and I highly doubt that they want to throw Price in the mix after what happened to Doege, so where does that leave the team? They needed a QB. As for value to the franchise, this is a rental agreement, not a long-term contract, so who cares. What they did get is a guy who as much as he struggled post 2007 was an MOP, so he can get it done, or are you saying that a player who won MOP (even 7 years ago) has no value? KJ is a guy you put in and let him roll around, don't force him in the pocket and he can do some damage. Anywhere he has struggled was when he was confined to the pocket.

Is KJ the future...no
Is KJ the first choice here and now...probably not
Does KJ provide exprerience and leadership in the huddle...absolutely

Totally agree depop.

This move screams of desperation to me. Tino isn't getting it done nor is Seth, so what's the plan here?

You still have Durant on the sidelines giving advice, you still have a great OC and QB coach in George Cortez, how much are you getting out of KJ as a QB mentor in the backup role, especially when he has limited knowledge of the playbook?

Now consider KJ has to fill in for Tino or Seth, due to injury or because they stink up the place. Is a 41 year old QB, with limited knowledge of the playbook (thus running a Vanilla offense) who desperately needs O.Line protection since he's not exactly a out of pocket speedster doing for your team?

I'm not saying it's a bad move, but it's certainly picking rock instead of hard place, it's a desperate move.

Of course it is desperate. Trading a starter and a low draft would have been desperate as well and also cost long term. Tino has played some amazing ball, the problem is he has not played well for a full 60. This gives both Tino and the coaches some confidence if someone else needs to come in for any reason, because they had nobody else. IMO KJ is not being brought in to be the starter. That is Tino's spot for him to win or lose, but there was nobody else to contend for that spot. KJ is not there to be a QB coach...they have DD and Cortez. As for not being an out of pocket passer, KJ has only ever been good when he gets out of the pocket, as I pointed out earlier, so not sure where that is coming from.

If Tino can play anywhere near the level he did in the 2nd half ot the ORBs or Stamps game, he is the starter. A huge part of that is dependant on the game Cortez calls though. Very clear that when he openned things up that Tino can thrive.

Was Tom Burgess not available?

I wasn't responding to you, I was responding to Tridus' comment that the RedBlacks aren't willing to listen to "decent" terms for Burris. The guy is the face of this franchise and you can't replace his off-field contribution by throwing in another draft pick. A "decent" offer is rather subjective.

As you've detailed, there are many reasons why signing Joseph makes sense for Saskatchewan. It's low risk (maybe even no risk) and potentially high reward. No issues there.