Riders break rule!

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/riders-receive-cfl-call-for-ratio-violation-1.536831]http://www.tsn.ca/riders-receive-cfl-ca ... n-1.536831[/url]

1 play in the whole game. Didn't this used to be called a penalty during the game, if the refs caught a team down a cdn. I am actually surprised this doesn't happen more often, especially when injuries start, and different players are going on and off.

Yes, it is still called - if caught by the officials. A 25 yard penalty.

[b]RULE 4 - SCRIMMAGE SECTION 5 – PLAYER RESTRICTIONS Article 6 – Designated Import [/b]If a designated import participates in the game illegally: [b]PENALTY: [/b]L25 PLS DR or L25 PBD or option.
EDIT: Just reread the ratio rule again, and I'm thinking (again) that Lawless's second comment is incorrect.
[b][u]ARTICLE 23: ROSTER SIZE [/u][/b] 5. ... The designated International may replace any other International Player during the game on either side of the ball on the understanding that the Player that he replaces may not re-enter that game
Here's my understanding of this clause of the rule.

Let's assume a team states at the beginning of the game that their sixteen unrestricted (aka starter) internationals will be split between ten on defence and six on offence - a pretty standard starting roster. Normally, one of the four designated international will replace one of the starting internationals directly, e.g., receiver in for another receiver, or maybe in a daisy-chain, e.g. DI replacing national at LB and national replacing starter international at DB.

But in the case of a serious injury, a DI could replace a starter international on the other side of the ball. For example, the starter national centre gets injured, and there's no available national backup. At this point, a DI centre could come in without replacing a starter international on offence, increasing the number of internationals on offence to seven. But from that point on, only nine of the starter internationals are allowed on the field on defence at a time. And in this case, the injured national centre would not be allowed to participate after that.

With all the ridiculous penalties that CFL teams take ,Im blown away, that this doesnt happen in every game.

OK. One more time. It looks like it's the international player on defence who's been replaced who would not be allowed back into the game in this case. Which would be very weird.

So another example that may be more to the point. Same number of internationals on each side as before - ten on defence, six on offence. A starting international LB is seriously injured, and the team replaces him with a national LB. On the next offensive drive, the team can then play one of their DIs without removing one of their starting internationals. From that point on, the team would play nine on defence and seven on offence, and the injured player would not be allowed to play again.

Pretty sure that's how it works.

They prevented the return of the Ottawa Rough Riders so to hell with them. :twisted:

If NOT SUCKING is a rule, then yes, the Riders break the rule all of the time.