Riders @ Bombers

Why are you singling me out? I've never exactly been a supporter and slammed his signing the day it happened...just calling it as not as bad as you are selling.

You realize they have the #2 scoring and yardage O right? Pretty tough to sell that he is as bad as you say.

They played the easily #1 D and got outdone

I'm not a huge fan...but I'm not blind to the success the club has had overall either...and he is a big part of that.

Only singled you out cause you have had some support for him, yes I know your not really a fan, but my point is, if we had a real OC just how much better this O could be. His play calling last game was not great, ! yard 2nd down, instead of just plowing Cody for the yard he runs Powel out of the back field, and losses yards, he has called lots of stupid plays all season, where just lucky Cody, as pulled them off at times, I used your name cause regardless I knew you would respond!! LOL Nothing personal, and look forward to most of your insight.