Riders @ Bombers

I’m glad they showed a bit of grit in the second half. It’s always a tough to sweep a home and home. Back to our barn October 5 and we still control our own destiny.

I thought if we survived the first quarter we would’ve been ok. But it was the 2nd quarter where they did most of there scoring. Full marks to Winnipeg they bullied us from start to finish. A bit of an eye opener for sure.Lets hope we bounce back.No way can Streveler run like that every game and expect to survive the season.

I’d be showing game tape over and over of the bombers challenging that pass at the end … Gainey needs to control his anger.but I get it …that’s unprecedented …use it to remind them about the beating and lack of respect

So i guess ot was a good thing i was stuck at work. I didnt listen to it on ckrm online and im glad. Once i get home ill just delete the pvr of it. I saw one highlight of strevler running over our D… Ugly. They need to learn how to tackle.

And im not sure why the writers and the calculations have us as a contender. Im sure that’ll be corrected this week.

Riders should be ranked 3rd -5th in my opinion

Hamilton and Winnipeg 1st and 2nd interchangeable

Calgary riders and Eskimos interchangeably hold spots 3-5

Montreal is pushing to swap out Edmonton from that pack … Toronto at 7th and BC dead last

Ottawa 8th

We’ll be there. Winnipeg has a tougher schedule with Hamilton x1 the Als x2 and the Stamps x2 plus a road game against the Riders. I still think it’ll be Sask and Calgary hosting playoff games this year just looking at the schedule

Heres hoping you’re correct.

Not to worry, I think the riders are just setting the bombers up for the rubber match. That’s the big one !

What happened last time they crapped the bed in the stamps game … 6game.winning streak.

Folks wrote.them off after that game as well. They have alot to.improve.on for sure. Just burn this game.tape and focus on next.game.and getting.back on track

Last time the score was this lopsided in the Banjo Bowl the Riders won the Grey Cup

I liked this as well. It has been a big question mark for me this season

No it’s not. This was the big one. Riders are 2 losses back of the bombers now. What’s winning the tie break matter when you’re not tied.??? This team was so outcoached today it’s frightening.Hoping they at least show up for the East crossover and don’t embarase the province with their showing in that one.

True they are 2 back but Winnipeg has played one more and they play each other once more (which would make up the difference). Winnipeg also gets Calgary twice so barring a total collapse I would say the odds of a home playoff game are still pretty good. Just take care of business next week against Montreal and we are right back in it.

Bottom line is, after the Bombers absolute dominance over the Riders,this has put the toughness and desire of the Riders to get to the Grey Cup in serious question.
It’s really unbelievable how Winnipeg man handled the Riders!

They’ve shown they can beat the top teams with wins against Winnipeg and Hamilton. One bad game doesnt define the season.

I’m happy they didn’t just lose but got beat badly. The team needed a wake up call as the last few games have been closer than they should have been ( rider.wins ).

Better the bold wake.up call at this point of the season than at the end of it.

Look how the riders responded after the mauling by the stamps.

This is part of the growing process for the team - necessary for them to grow.

If after getting humiliated in Winnipeg they don’t come out at home on fire - mad -hungry…then I’d agree we have a problem

That’s what my thoughts were in my post.
However I’m also concerned with the fact that MacAdoo offense was no match to Richie Halls defense and Shivers defense was no match for Lapol’s offense and obviously the total dominance shows that fact clearly imo.
I expect the Riders (if coached properly) to come out and dominate the game (fire-mad-hungry…against Montreal.
Getting more physical in my opinion, isn’t something that grows gradually, You’re either playing tougher or more physical then your oponent or you’re not…there’s no happy medium.
I believe the Rider players get that and are going to show Winnipeg was a “wake-up call”

I still say we need a new OC, Macadodo just does not have it, If we had a real OC we would be unstoppable, but this clown just keeps goofing up!! I still don’t care Depop… he has to go! Period!!

The scary thing is watching our coaches lack of strategy to beat Winnipeg in the second game of back to backs. Winnipeg was throwing all kinds of different looks but still beat us with the run which is what we should have focused on shutting down. If Streveler beats us with his arm then you take you hat off and give them the win. I really think our coaches just said go with the same game plan that won the first game. The second play of Winnipeg’s first drive showed how out-coached we were when we let Streveler run for that first down. Our offence had nothing different to throw at Wpg. We need to be a team that not only out works teams but out coaches them too. MacAdoo just has nothing to beat these top teams. Then I get to our Head Coach who does not think the game well. Down 21-3 with about 1:15 left in the half we let Wpg run the clock down before kicking. Why wouldn’t we use a timeout to save time for a late drive? This keeps happening with Dickenson. We have to have faith in our offence to engineer a late drive in the half and get us back in the game. I have no idea what he is thinking on the sidelines which scares me. Bottom line we are a 3rd Place team at best with a possibility of being the crossover. We will be one and done in the playoffs. I think we have the talent to win it all but our coaching is weak. Cody is not quite a top QB but if he had good coaching around him he could do better than he is.

Yup. They had one clear priority…spy a lb on the qb. Horrid failure, but it is a first year DC…I have confidence he will learn from it.

The bigger concern was the tackling…or whatever you want to call it.

First series…2nd and 17…allow a keeper. I immediately had concerns.