Riders @ Bombers

Should be a another good game, I hope we win, gonna be another nail biter!!

I suspect we will win. Winnipeg was very fortunate they weren’t blown out in the first half. Our offense needs to capitalize on their opportunities. The only way I see a loss is on big play turnovers or special teams lapses

Survive the first quarter and we should be ok.

I don’t know, from what I saw in the Regina game the Riders will have to play ‘considerably’ better if the hope to win in Winnipeg.
I’m sure there’s going to be some tighting up hopefully, and if no mistakes, Riders should win.

riders need to play technically perfect today … way too many penalties …

Tackling is atrocious and taking too many penalties.

Bombers playing hungry … riders not … and in games like this when it’s clear it’s going to be a flag fest you have to adapt and play around it … both Winnipeg scores have been penalty fed … game could be out of reach pretty soon if they don’t get it together fast

Coming up to second half
Man, so far… embarrassing.

This one is over already.

Full credit to the bombers for showing up hungry and the riders are playing horrible .

Just hope yardo doesn’t come out injured in this one

This is for first place?

We are playing like utter crap, can’t rap a player, O line breaking down, I sure hope Dickie raises supreme shit at half time, but looking like this game is over!!

Burn the game tape and get ready for next week … nothing going right for them today … and bombers playing lights out

For the players, figure how they’re feeling being knocked down in every phase of the game.
They’ve got pride!
See how the second half looks.

Edit: THe way it’s looking, Good thing that Harker will probably (Should) get some decent Reps.

I will say it again, we need a new OC Macadodo sucks, he has gone back to his old ways, poor play calling!!

In all fairness the defense has shortened the playbook by their horrid play.

Maybe, but theres no excuse for calling a 35 yard throw across the field on a 2nd and 4 when you are,struggling

And Powell up the gut is wayyy too easy to stop with no deception.

Where are the RPOs that work so well with athletic qbs? I know its too late now but the O sure couldve used the momentum early

That was a real eyeopener, that was.
With Edmonton and Calgary being no sluff and Winnipeg just handed our ass in a paper bag…I’d say that the Riders have some work to do.

Glad it was a blow out loss … team needs to be grounded again and come back hungry

One ugly game, got our asses handed to us, bigtime, lots to correct!! This took me down a notch as to us, seeing the grey cup game, such a poor performance!