The first of three meetings in the next month between these two teams takes place Thursday in Winnipeg. The Riders (3-2) come off back to back easy wins while the homeward bound Bombers (5-1) enter this game off a pair of winning efforts on the road. Should be an interesting contest; Vegas opened the line at even.

Looking forward to a slugfest in hostile territory. Matchup of the year so far I think. Good luck everyone, here's to lots of bumps and bruises but no serious injuries! :rockin:

Even odds? Surprising how they've spent most of the season favouring the Bombers opposition and the Riders coming off two blow out wins, albeit against two East teams. Sask is 3-2 with 4 of the 5 games have been played against East teams. The only West team they have played to date is BC and that was a loss. So are they as good or better than their record, or is their record just a function of the caliber of competition they've played so far? Like many of you I expect one heck of a game.

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Riders statement: Taj Smith charged w violating condition of release stemming fr incident last Aug. won't play Thurs game vs #Bombers

Bonus for the Bombers.

......Bonus???? I don't like to see the opposition limping into town and have a built in excuse IF they get thrashed...Of course we could look very bad IF we come up short, playing a wounded duck...Besides Smith being benched, I doubt very much that we'll see LaBatte, the way he was limping off the field in their last go round..I like to see teams field their best and go at it, giving you a true picture of the contest.. :roll: Whatever the outcome, I hope it'll be entertaining and it should be.. :rockin:

There's injuries on both sides. We may not have Neufeld for instance and Goosen gets his first start going up against Foley/Chick. We've had to go into games without players. It's the nature of the beast. Riders have a pretty good group of receivers for Durant. It's up to the next man up to make plays.

Speaking of next man up, how does the riders PR have 12 players on it? Both the CFL roster page and the Riders own website show 12 players. The PR under the new CBA is 10 players, expanding to 15 in the fall.

We haven't won a cup in 24 years, I hope they have to play in wheelchairs :?

Two of the 12 players on Saskatchewan practice roster are junior players of Regina Thunder,i.e. Brandon Whitehouse and Mitch Thompson. Teams are allowed to carry junior players,above the approved number, on practice rosters. BC is carrying some every season,although, presently they have less than 10 players on their practice roster.


Ah, many thanks.

.....Oh I know we haven't sipped from the big Cup for quite awhile BUT things are looking up lately.....AND IF we should lay a beating on them Thurs. I know the first thing they'll say is they aren't a 100%..I always like to remind them, everyone has to put up with the injury bug...sooooo agreed...If they have to come out in wheelchairs, I hope we flatten their wheels first... :wink:

And now we have our own distraction:


The CFL has told CHML they are now investigating several incidents involving Winnipeg linebacker Ejiro Kuale and Tiger-Cat fans during and after last week’s game at McMaster. A caller to the Fifth Quarter said Kuale made an obscene gesture at the end of the game at a section of the crowd, that included a group from CityKidz.

That story was corroborated by other fans, via e-mail and tweets, who saw Kuale making other obscene gestures at the crowd during the game.

Official now, Goosen starts for Neufeld on the depth chard. Gord Hinse activated early of the 6 game and added to the roster as a backup OL. Hinse and Swiston listed as backups, I'm guessing one sits as a gameday inactive.

Watson on. Bryant stays in at SB, no Nick Moore again. Looks like we'll have all 4 internationals available for the DL again which is nice.

I thought word was that the riders may be without Labatte and/or Picard but looks like both will be available per their depth chart.

Can't wait for the game, let's go BLUE!

.....If this occurred then you might say he was caught up in the heat of the game.... Over the years I've witnessed some bad reactions by players. Some actions worse by some fans. We don't know the situation but IF Kuale was over reacting to some fan hurling expletives or missiles of some sort, then I can see why he might do such a thing. I don't condone them, just like I didn't when a certain Cal. player running around with his butt cheeks clearly visible and were pointed at the crowd....Guess we'll wait for the leagues action and see where this goes...Probably a fine.. :roll:

Agreed, while a bit classless it’s not a huge deal and it’ll probably net him a fine. The Ticat fans have abused the players with those narrow sidelines over the years and there’s no doubt been a lot of sideline stuff back and forth in other stadiums before. And at least it’s not what other teams have to deal with like Taj Smith, or Westerman in BC getting into a bar fight, or Calgary’s Quincy Butler and his assault charge.

Riders getting pounded up to 3 point favourites although they are on the road and playing without one if their best receivers. Taking the Bombers 31-24. :smiley:

Eagerly looking forward to this match.

To me the key is going to be if Winnipeg’s offensive line can hold off that fearsome defensive line of the green riders. Do that and the Bombers can win. Don’t and they won’t.

SK will have to deal with the noise as well, no stadium is as loud, including mosaic.

This should be a fun one to watch. GO BOMBERS !!!

I'll raise a beer to you Dan each time the Bombers score.

And I'll have a few more throughout no doubt.

And I"ll have a few to commiserate with you if you lose.

And I'll have a few more to celebrate with you if you win.

Got the day off tomorrow, eh Jack !