Riders, Bombers Injury Reports: Riders' Hickson non-participant Monday

TORONTO — The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their first injury reports ahead of their matchup on Friday from IG Field.

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Dan Clark was listed juat now as full practice as was terry v .......be nice to get some Oline back

And Ferland..

Then lose Hickson to a broken arm.. can't seem to catch a break

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Two steps forward (3 in this case), and one step back. Seems to be the theme this season. Cody says he may one day write a book regarding all the adversity they’ve faced. No doubt it’ll be a long read.

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It'll be a long read and after it's published we'll discover that writer and proof reader Cody Fajardo will be out at least one game due to 'eye strain' while two more offensive linemen will read the first chapter and require surgery to repair their damaged egos.


Sounds we're getting tons of breaks, just the wrong kind.

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Hickson with his fractured wrist isn’t on the 1 or 6 game is a little surprising, but there’s obviously still a chance that he’ll play Friday, or there’s no room on the injured list. There’s some injured players returning to practice, so some good news, right.

Bombers have a long list of DNP players as well, so we’ll see.

We’ll know for sure Thursday. Oh the waiting game.

Wouldn’t read too much into that.
Riders’ roster page is rarely up to date.

Don't believe what is on the Bomber list. Too many times players are listed as questionable then they end up on the game roster. Even now all the players are reported as not practising but listed as questionable. Go figure!!!

We're probably NOT going to start Stanley Bryant for this game. It sounds like we're going to give the big guy's ankle some time to heal up. That's the impression I got watching today's report. We don't really need him right now.

We need him for the playoffs.

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Causally ignores that Saskatchewan has the same number of players listed as questionable as Winnipeg does this week.


Yup O'Shea apparently refuses to give out his players list even to radio and TSN lol.

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He was pretty cagey when asked about who's starting where all right. We'll have to bring that up at his next performance review this winter.

I'm finding the Injury Reports to be less and less forthcoming these days. Take for example the last four columns... which are completely useless. They ALL look like copy/pastes (we used to call those 'rubber stamps' in my day) regardless of the injury suffered.

Stanley Bryant's 'Ankle' is a nagging injury that's been dogging him for several games now. He could play but it looks like O'Shea is leaning towards letting him heal up instead. Thiadric Hansen's 'Achilles' is a season ending injury that's going to keep him sidelined with the best seat in the house for the rest of the season.

What kills me is that both Stanley (who's walking) and Thiadric (who's practically wheelchair bound) are BOTH listed as 'DNP' and comically... they're BOTH listed as 'Questionable' to play come game time. NOW C'MON!!!

Well its bad for marketing the game when you aren't upfront with your roster

It's bad for my brain.

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I am dismayed to read that once again this week the Bombers are the only sports team on earth that prefers not to let their opponent know the true state of their injured players.

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I can divine their true state... somewhere between 'solid' and 'liquid', although part of them becomes gaseous on buritto night.

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Bad for marketing? CFL or Rider? The roster has to be set the day before the game, CFL rules, so no harm. Have yet to hear a losing coach or player say they lost the game because the other team wasn’t up front on their injury reports. Maybe Friday night we will.

Pretty sure this info is just for the fans who who choose to look and have fun with it, (or get in a tizzy) and speculate who may be in or out and have discussions on their teams forum.
Pretty sure Mike O’Shea is focused on his team and isn't having sleepless nights thinking about the Riders or any other team (Stamps) they play injury reports.
Do you think the Riders are game planning based on the Bombers injury report?
Stay tuned for Thursdays roster reveal.

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"Never make a decision before you have to." Bud Grant

He said the LOONG before pro sports decided to get in bed with the betting industry.

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I don't think people are saying they "lost" because of an injury report... just heard suitor talk about how it's difficult to put together segments for TSN