Riders, Bombers Injury Report: Bighill limited on Wed

TORONTO β€” The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their first injury reports of the week ahead of the game on Saturday at IG Field.

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Really bad news for Saskatchewan here. THREE offensive linemen on that shakey offensive line are wobbly at best while THREE defensive linemen are listed as 'DNP' (did not participate).

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Riders won't win another game this year, there is no nasty left in their game! Best case scenario is the top of the bottom. They are going to receive a few more severe and I mean severe beating at the hands of the bombers and stampeders. The best advice I can give Cody is learn how to punt they aren't suppose to hit the punter. Other than that "Run Cody Run"!


Only then will they leaf him alone.


Well when the bombers do nothing but flop all over the field to get a flag and collaros starts pouting and beaking to the refs to make a call when he gets sacked its pretty tough for anybody to win when ambrosie wants winnipeg in it,even though the riders prop up the cfl,take the riders out and watch the cfl fold faster than minute rice.
call a fricking spade a spade ambrosie and his lugnuts are going to throw flags at the riders all year long,his way of showing off his small nuts

I agree with everything you said Stroker2007! The refs are inconsistent and overzealous. Riders could have won the Labour Day game, as they were in position in the final 2 minutes, however, for an untimely interception lost possession and the opportunity to win. Rider QB was rocked on the play after releasing the ball "what no roughing the passer", Riders should have retained possession. Rider brass folded in releasing Moreno. The game was closer because Bombers had to focus on Moreno, one nasty dude, they are going to miss his swag, he may have been a cement head, but he was also a cement pillar on the line. I fear with Moreno gone and Lanier out it will be like picking strawberries as the bomber backs run up the middle "no fear", total ball control. The Rider skid began with the Moreno 4 game suspension, not to mention a couple of other D-line injuries and will continue. I also fear the Rider O will come up with several consecutive 1-2 punt offensive displays further complicating the possession inequity leaving the defence to eventually tire. Hopefully, the Riders will change their luck with a more dysfunctional Elk team next week. Go Riders Go!

Wow. Sour grapes. Saskatchewan lost last week. Get over it. Marino is a goon. It was OPI. Duke took a stupid penalty. Dumb play call lead to an interception. Get over it.

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He didn't hit him high or late or low and if Fajardo doesn’t slide he is there to make the tackle.

Good chat. Enjoy the weekend.

Taking a couple of beating is one thing, but for the Riders to go back to their locker room after the Bombers 3rd straight Grey Cup win next season is going to be real galling. Its going to be tough to get rid of that stench! Not only does Moreno get the last laugh so does Ritchie Hall! Enjoy losing and taking a beating at the same time. On the positive side Riders are taking a lot less penalties, therefore less paperwork for the league office.

Well Coach Dickenson you just lost the respect of your team! Came in flatter than a pancake and left thinner that a microchip. ?Coach O'Shea has no respect for you either "up 27 points and throws a pass for a TD with less than a minute left." On the other hand Coach Dick you did earn the respect of the league office that has to be worth something I'm not sure what. You've moulded the team in one nice group of choir boys and all in just one week. Whose going to be singing when the Elks win next week? Dickenson you are the laughing stock of the CFL and have lost the respect of your dressing room. Just think you have to go back and take another beating and I can guarantee O'Shea the scum sucking pig he is will rub your face in it one more time. At least this gives you two weeks to resign. I think the injury list will deepen significantly before the next bomber game.