Riders - Bombers Gameday thread

First preseason game I'll be watching.


Who else is watching?

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Watching Oilers/Avs for now. Got it PVR’ed. Would be different if it was regular season or the Bombers were dressing even one starter.

I hear ya. I'll probably peek in on the NHL games over the next few weeks, but not tonight.

Hmm, those narrow hashmarks look weird. I hope they have the effect the league is hoping for.

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I’ll check it out later. You just missed a beauty goal by Mackinnon.

I'm watching.

Dru Brown has my vote so far as our number two. So far our OL is doing a bang up job with all those new guys in there. Gotta love that defense too. Not many names playing and they're still managing to pitch a shutout.

I'm liking that big QB for Saskatchewan. He's got a good arm. If I was Dickenson I'd find a way to hang onto 6' 7" Jake Dolegala. Mason Fine looked not too bad but he's only managed 20 yards passing. We'll see how he does in the second half.

Whats this business of a conceded kickoff getting the ball way out to the 40? Randy Rule Change?

First time in history I've seen Glen Suitor be more prepared than play by play boy. Of course, Dustin Neilsen seems to have the lone surviving copy of "Rod Black's Gameday Preparation Book" - which is 5 pages long and totally empty except for being signed 5 times by Rod Black.
Neilsen is absolutely horrid tonite - his player identification skills are abysmal and he's deferring to Suits to tell us Andrew Harris still has mega mileage left in his tank.

Other than that, it's all good right? :laughing:

Neither DooDoo Brown nor Dakota Fanning gonna make anyone forget Chris Streveler.
Bombers are a 10-8 to 12-6 team w/ no injuries to Collaros.
A 5-13 to 7-11 team without Collaros, if that.

I like how O'Shea is foregoing field goals in order to give his B + C level guys all the reps they can jam into 60 minutes of pre-season ball.

It's interesting that they have a Japanese global on that O-line. I don't have the greatest eye for evaluating O-line performances, but I haven't noticed him getting burned particularly.

Borsa had some decent plays in the first quarter. He'll likely stick as third-string RB option.

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Yeah, not much point in practicing chip shot FGs.

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Okay. No arguement. Did you see those runs by Greg McCrae?!! Holy crap. There's no way we can keep all of these backs. We'll be seeding the rest of the league this year.

Tomoya Machino has made great strides this year. He's a BIG surprise.

It does expose obvious incompetence with the backups as neither Borwn nor Fanning could put the ball into the endzone on approx. 10-12 plays from inside the Sask'n 10 yd line.

Brown just scored a TD did he not? I'd rather see him throw his way down the field but he's making good decisions. Hasn't thrown a pick in his entire CFL career so far (I probably just jinxed him). Sorry Dru.:grin:

Boersma was the second fastest guy at the CFL combine. I'd like to see him get a few more looks. So far, seems to be able to make things happen with the ball.

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Me too.

Troy Williams is moving the ball pretty well. He's 5 for 7 now.

Nice drive engineered by Troy Williams. Jester Weah made a heroic catch before getting levelled. Too bad Henry Nell missed the field goal.

Saskatchewan is still sporting a goose egg.

I suspect O'Shea will try to make the score close - even at the risk of losing the game. Losing doesn't matter - evaluation does! O'Shea wants maximum reps for his try-outs.

Um... he does? Alrighty then.

Mason Fine had some success on that last drive. Good for him eh? And Henry Nell hit a 46 yarder! That's gotta feel better.