Riders/Bombers (Banjo Bowl)

Another week, another game versus the defending champs. The Riders (7-2) have won six in a row and have beaten the Bombers (6-4) twice during that stretch. With a full week of practice to further integrate Dressler into the offense, the men of green will travel to Winnipeg looking for the sweep after already clinching the season series. Meanwhile, the home side has come close to taking both prior meetings this year and have revenge fresh on their mind. Can the defensive front do a better job of stuffing the run and find a way to put more pressure on Durant this time around or will Bomber fans once again leave the stadium disappointed? Vegas has the Riders as 3 point road favourites but I'm hoping third times the charm. Bombers 37-20 :slight_smile:

....We''ll have to score A LOT of points to take this one...For that to happen we have to be VERY healthy... Wilds health has me concerned and IF Moore is out that's one strike and IF Willy is not a hundred percent.....OUCH...we may take another one on the chin...We're gonna have to reach deep in this one...AND hope it's not plunk, plunk, plunk we're sunk...Tune up the ol banjo boys.. :roll:

What a difference a year makes (on and off the field)....

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/former-bombers-qb-max-hall-arrested-near-phoenix-on-drug-shoplifting-charges-273641961.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 41961.html[/url]

Wow! I have to wonder, if he can afford cocaine, why is he shoplifting ?

Sounds like no Ian Wild for the rematch. So I’m guessing Kromah comes on in his spot? Wonder who the backup long snapper is?

Also out is Nick Moore, again. At least 2-3 weeks with an ankle injury.

Kashawn Fraser injured his knee and is out for "a few weeks", Vega returns. Wonder if this is what spurred the Suber trade.

Sounds like Rider punter Josh Bartel will miss the game with kicker Chris Milo working on his punting in practice.

A message from the Father of the Banjo Bowl:

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68t0FQ3Y7oU&feature=youtu.be]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68t0FQ3 ... e=youtu.be[/url] :lol:

Question. I will be attending my first Banjo Bowl this weekend and I am wondering where the best place to park around the stadium is.

Not sure why he would putting so much emphasis on how many times the Riders have won the last 14 times these teams have met. I thought he was on the Bombers side. Just don't get it. :rockin:

Nice drive by the Bombers capped by a TD run from Grigsby. Sure wish they'd wear these jerseys all the time!

Special teams have given up two scores and defense still can't stop the run. Throw in a bunch of undisciplined penalties and we have the makings of a Rider rout after what looked like a promising start. Might have to watch the other league very soon... :frowning:

Why would you throw deep with 96 seconds to go down by 6 points? You don't want to score right away, you want to kill as much time off the clock you possibly can. Absolutely awful play calling, almost as bad as the Riders throwing constantly instead of running on every play with Durant out. Weird finish to this game!

3rd installment of Groundhog Day. Make enough stupid mistakes to just lose.

....no run stopping ability.....stupid mistakes and penalties = loss to a team like the riders...And I agree with snaptheball...bad play calling with all of that time left on the clock... :thdn:

Recurring problems doomed the team. 1. Special teams mistakes. 2. Penalties. 3. Turnovers. 4. Can't stop the run.

Kuale I think today played his way of the team. 2-3 unnecessary roughness penalties and too much showing off to the crowd on the too few impact plays he makes. It seemed like he was a physical LB when he played for the Argos, here he seems to bounce off or gets pushed off when trying to make a tackle. He may not be gone right away depending on how much longer Wild is out. And I'm not sure what to think about Kromah 2 forced fumbles but only 1 tackle. I wouldn't be surprised to see a LB or two added once the PRs expand. I don't believe it's a size issue. Kuale's 6'2" 229, Muamba was 6'0" 230 and he was a pretty fierce tackler and attacked the ball with more zeal. And while scheme may play a role, it's not the schemes fault when guys aren't making a tackle when they make contact.

Willy made a terrible decision on that first of the 2 picks late in the 4th Q, he clearly chucked it up feeling the blitz pressure coming. But I have to put some of the blame on Romby Bryant on that play. He's looking back at the ball and ran past the DB who made the pick, completely failed to adjust to the ball. He was clearly tracking the ball and didn't slow up his running and if that DB wasn't there the ball would've ended up underthrown. He needs to do better on that play to compete for the ball, especially given the score and time of the game. Terrible QB decision compounded by a receiver that did nothing to help bail out his QB IMO.

Sounds like Vega's hurt yet again, reported to be a knee from what I've seen reported.

Thought Suitor did a nice job showing how easily the Riders were running the ball versus the looks the Bombers are giving at the line and using it to their advantage. Same issues, can't tackle and give up way to many yards. They were able to finally do a good job vs the run in the 4th but I think that was helped by the fact the Riders mostly abandoned the pass game once Durant went out.

Why do you use a guy on the PR to long snap in Norris when you've got a guy who's been on the active roster all season and has been working on his long snapping in practices in Fitzgerald? That cost us some points and field position early until they took Norris off LS duties. We got shafted on what I think was a pretty obvious hold on the Dressler return in the open field. You know it's bad when Suitor calls it a bad miss. Inexcusable.