Riders-Blue Team Game Thread (August 10)


whew close one

Close to a Steinauer pick.

Of course the Riders have to comply with tackling skills. LOL

C'mon Rider D.. hold them!!

Butler with an incomplete -- Prefontaine for the FG attempt.

Good -- 7-3 Riders

2 and out for the Greenies...

who the hell is that in the Boreham jersey??

Dunno, but he did stay at the Regina Holiday Inn Express last night... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On the field or in the stands?

Would Borehamgirl go to the Skydome for a blue team-Riders game?

Allen is now on the 9-game injured list...toe tendon damage.

Wow.. he doesnt step outta bounds he's GONE to the house

BIG stop-and-go -- Joseph to Dominguez.

Nice option to Cates for the FD.

7-3 Riders, end of the 1st quarter.

TD Riders!!!!

Joseph with the scramble for the TD...

Extra point next -- 14-3 Riders.

Ya Baby!

Interesting interview with Damon Allen prior to the score.

He's a classy guy and great ambassador for the CFL. He and Pinball make it hard to dislike the blue team sometimes.

Then I think about O'Shea and get over it.

Indeed and INDEED. LOL

woohoo pick!!