Riders @ Blue Team Game Play by Play

I hope the Riders clobber the blue team today! That way they will be tied with us and the Peg for 2nd.

The Riders just can't let them be 2-0!!!

Me too... I was planing on watching todays game to cheer on the Riders, but I have to get to bed since I haven't slept yet.. last night work seemed to drag soooo long knowing that I had a Ti-Cats game to watch... After watching the game this morning(around 7am) I was so pumped about the win I have been wide awake! :lol: :lol:

Now that you reminded me that the blue team is playing I will sleep like a baby :thup: :thup: :lol:

Come on Mean Green

TD toss to Fantuz! 10-7 blue team.

Belli - the pantload can not keep his temper in check!

The Blues Brothers seem to be for real. I didn't know if Ham made them look good or they were good. :roll: Who's their kicker with the yellow face.

Thank god we got rid of Zeke and Beli, their not nice guys.

Wow -- Baggs really owned Murphy on that inside move!

I saw that! Great move indeed! This Baggs guy shows lots of game 2 weeks in a row now. Great find for the riders.

I hate to say it but i’m impressed with these unorthodox formations the Arhoes are using. Makes it entertaining to watch.

I love that! hahaha! We have to add that to the official mix of blue team names.

Charles TD for Riders! 16-13 Riders after the convert.

Argos do look good but it looks like Sask. are settling down. Both teams actually look well prepared... I think we're in for a real interesting year where the west no longer owns the eastern teams...

LMAO at the 2-yard return! I see a forehead vein popping on the Blue sideline.


Ouch. Count Chocula* is not pleased. :wink:

My apologies to the rapidly-growing Bart Andrus Fan Club. I just got a cereal box flashback there.

Blue team fumble! Riders recover inside the blue team 5!

Good game thus far!

The Boatmen have just got torpedoed. :lol:

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Who would have thought that Calgary and BC would go 0-2 to start the year.

Wow, the blue team is racking up penalties.

Charles TD run! 23-13 Riders after convert.

Hugh Charles's flips may become an alternate energy source if this keeps up. :stuck_out_tongue:

23-13 Greenies