Riders Blew it! they deserved to lose

well we once again have given a team needing a win the game.

we SHOULD have, without a doubt won this game and we pissed it away.. handily, might I add.

Durant had a very poor game. our O-Line had a poor game.

our Defense couldn't stop Boyd when it mattered THE MOST!

we blew it. hands down, bottom line we blew it!

Argo's played a hell of a game and won a very well deserved win!

but we need to give our Heads a shake!


You don't see it? The ulterior motive is to blow games against lousy teams to help develop the appearance of parity in the league. Parity helps the league survive and thrive. It's just an intricate diabolical plan to sacrifice themselves for the good of the league, plain and simple. It will pay off in the long run with a more stable, broadly supported league across the country. Damn, are we ever kind !!

Don't worry though, we don't have to worry about the playoffs because parity is not a consideration in the playoffs.

You gotta be kiddin :?

You're a wisa de guysa ... yeah, of course I was kidding :lol:

What section of Gatineau you live in, my friend?? I used to live in Le Plateau area (okay, it was Hull then - still Hull to me :slight_smile: ).

Ho... good one then :smiley: . I live in the Gatineau part of err... Gatineau in the area of Rue Labrosse.

Can't be far from the Hospital then.

I presume that you are an Als fan? If so, do us a favour on Monday and tame them ponies over in Cowtown for me, will ya ?!?!

Many players on the team played looked like they were not playing with any with emotion. Players sauntering off and on the field, parking on the bench, heads down. Where was the enthusiasm? Many (Darian especially) walk onto the field like they were out for a walk at Wascana. Maybe the secret to beating the Riders is don't make them mad (e.g., like Calgary does). They owe the Rider Nation an apology; that was a pathetic effort.

Won't be easy with our list of injuries getting longer and longer, also our D is kind of bipolar this year, let's hope they're on a peak tomorrow. Should definately be a great game.