Riders bleed... red?

The Riders will be wearing red and black retro jerseys this season. That'll be hard to get used to. :lol:


So what do you think of the retro jersey the Riders will be wearing for the July 17 game against the Esk.

You beat my post by less than a minute and took about the same to merge the topics. Fast!

It's a good thing the game is against the Esks although it might have been more fun if it had been against the Stamps.

They look alright, obviously they are a Tribune to the past so I'm ok with that. At least they are retro, not like the 60's retro they tried to pass off last year with a new logo.

They don't look half bad, Rider fans should be thrilled :slight_smile:

if the Riders wear Red then the lions should wear the Canucks Hallowe'en jerseys from the '80's . They were the best of the worst of all-time in any sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :rockin: :cowboy:

Now those were ugly as sin!!
Anyways, it's a good thing these retros are only for one game, I don't like them.
Also Ironic that it looks more like Ottawa Rough Riders jersey than a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey.
As much as I hate them, keep it Green.

I don't think you'll see them wearing those too often.

if the fans don't like it, they'll keep them in the closet.

as it is, they'll have the 70's retro too.

I always liked the Red and Black more than the Green and White.

i can't imagine alot of these jerseys selling. riders are known for green, and these are red, and look like stampeder jerseys.
not gonna sell.

cant wait to c taylor feild full of those red jerseys :lol: :lol:

i was at the rider store today as they went on sale. they are limited and individually number to 2010. they are already sold out as i heard on the radio. i got #227/2010. i don't think i will ever wear it because red and black don't work for me when it comes to football. more for collecting than anything.

its funny. it is supposed to be an insult to be called old fashioned and such, yet everything is going retro these days. uniforms, tv shows, movies, etc. More and more it is being realized by newer generations that many older things were pretty good. :thup:

I once saw on some highlights on some NHL retro night some ugly old LA Kings jerseys from before they went to the "Silver(Aluminum I guess they say due to potential trademark infringement?) and Black" that were heinous so I wonder just how bad these must be?

Right on FYB indeed the classics stand the test of time. When in doubt I say old school rules unless perhaps it is from the '70s.

Wow cool you got one!

And maybe good idea don’t wear it in case someone spills beer (you drink Pabst?) or hurls on it, and it will only preserve its value lest perhaps they have an absolutely horrid season to forget.

They look great I say, but what’s the genuine reaction from Riders fans? Are some irritated that they won’t be wearing these for just one game but ALL season long?

bite your tongue.

There will never be a better decade of music.

and then there was starsky and hutch

and I can't wait to lose wait and fit into my 70's clothes again.

Those were the days

The only thing I have found good from the 1970s is my favourite genre of music R&B, so point well taken there. And I guess in the early part Led Zeppelin.

Wow can you provide any details regarding what is left of your 1970s wardrobe to include any of the following?

Platform Shoes
Bell Bottoms
Wide Ties
747 Fly-Way Collared Shirts?
Shirts With Cheesy Ruffles On Them
Tube Socks Pulled High With Random Stripes At The Top
Polyester ...

Do you still own either a record player or an 8-Track tape player?

A car from the 1970s? With a stripe on it too? (take your pick whether the 1970s or 1980s were worse for cars)

And do you have an 8mm film projector for sake of private viewings of films including rare vintage porn in your fake wood-panelled basement?


They are only wearing them for one game. The rest of the season it will be green & white as usual.

From the TSN story Chief linked to:

The Riders will sport the centennial jerseys on July 17 when they play Edmonton at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.