Riders - Best use of Canadian talent!!!!

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Saskatchewan Roughriders have the best pool of Canadian talent in the league and their management should be congratulated for drafting and trading for them. This Riders team is showing that Canadians can be as talented as their american counter-parts and indeed don't just fill the quota but excite the fans by their stellar play.
Congrats to the Rider organization for drafting , trading for and developing their Canadian talent. Other teams should take notice!!!! :cowboy: :rockin:


Helps to bust the SMS every year


Obie are you reading this :lol:

At several points in the game they had Stu Foord and Chris Szarka in the backfield and Fantuz, Clermont, Bagg, and Getzlaf as receivers. And it was incredibly successful! Has there ever been an all Canadian offence in the modern era? That was pretty amazing.

Yeah I agree, they have a good roster of Canucks going on!

I'll take Rob Cote, but yeah they're alright.

Another of those straight from junior players, not a common thing that we see and very impressive. He seems a bit undersized for a fullback but he’s shown he can get it down.

Amazing Cdn talent. Hats off to Tillman.
Great to see the Riders utilize Szarka for a change.
Getzlaf will only get better.
Neil Hughes is another strong player that needs some touches.

They do have the best and I hear they have more then the min. on the field
I know ET has made it top priority, but you would think other GMs would too
The reason it sticks out in riderville is the offensive players get headlines (plus announcers from last game said the canadian drive a lot, which im proud but they are playing because they are good ball players) where defensive not as much
The league should be proud of all canadian talent
except Toronto (sorry)
why dont u have any good canadian receivers?

Toronto has an awful jones for ex-NFL'ers, and not many Canadians come from there....