Riders best team ever?????

:rockin: :D :D :D :cowboy: :wink:

My Riders are defying all the pundits and odds and are headed to an undefeated season!! :thup: :thup:
Who can stop the mighty surge from Saskatchewan?? The answer is obvious to those now initiated to Rider domination.
Even without their starting quarterback the Riders waltz to victory.
All other teams are GREEN with envy!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders Rule :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: 8) 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Skookum; Riders are Rollin 8) just like distant ships smoke on the horizon. Rock on

no team is the best ever without the final victory of the 2011 Packers, 2007 Patriot, 1989 Eskimos, or 1993-1995 Stamps (who finished with 15 wins 3 consecutive years...amazing... with no GC!).

Oh ... the fall will be so sweet. All it will take is losing the toss in a one game shot in the west final . Always a strong wind and the team that has the ball in the 4th Q has a HUGE advantage !

LOL Turkey, I was wondering when we'd here from you again. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, there's something on the horizon that is a Rider killer, I believe they call them the playoffs :lol:

I personally believe the best Rider team ever was the 1969 collection with Russ Jackson at the helm.

Tis true,mr.Turkey
Check yer history book before ya start "gobbling" about best team ever!!!! Football (C.FL/N.F.L) is strive with teams that had magnificent regular seasons,only to get "plucked" in the play-offs or Grey Cup or Super Bowl by teams with less regular season wins and records.....I'll give you this right now at this moment....Riders after 5 games are the best team ever.......this season to date!!!! If they go 20-0 or 19-1 or 18-2 and hoist the CUP then maybe ya can start "GOBBLING" about best team ever....but after a mere 5 games so far this season....get back to me when the seasons over and we see who comes out on top!
(could be the Riders.....but could be not) :wink: :cowboy:

Yes, the Riders did beat Calgary once, but, beside Calgary, they did beat Hamilton twice and Toronto once- two worst teams defensively- and Edmonton once. Not a great achievement! They still have to face Calgary twice and BC three times; after these games,they will be called a great team or a good team. Personally, I do think that BC and Calgary are better teams than Saskatchewan. Time will tell.


That be the Ottawa version!!! who by the way Mr.Turkey ironically beat the Sask. version 29-11 in the cup,after Sask. had the best record in the league that year(13-3) So yes! Rider best team ever.....if your from Ottawa!!!

GREY CUP RECORD--SASK. 18 Appearances....3 wins.......15 loses....win some lose some or in the case of the GREENIES...win some,lose MANY!!!!! :lol:

I do hope that the League suspends Levi Steinhauer of the Riders for his vicious helmet hit on Lindsey Lamar,last Saturday. Lamar suffered a concussion and wonโ€™t be back soon. A fine wonโ€™t be enough; minimum of 1 game suspension. Other players have been suspended for less.


How does this tie in to this particular thread ?

I think thereโ€™s some new folks around today who arenโ€™t used to turkeybendโ€™s unique brand of Rider pride. :smiley:

These threads are goofy and not meant to be taken seriously.

bobo...I am assuming you are quoting me because you are agree with me?? I basically said the same as you...undefeated or qualifying for post season in the last game...matters not how you get your ticket to the show, only that you win the final game of the year.
Rider team best ever...who knows...they look good at the moment, but the season is far from over, and they would need at least 11 more wins this season plus hoisting the cup to claim that accolade

perhaps...but the wave is a fun ride at the moment. The club could be one hit on Sheets away from disaster...who knows? They also have not played the Lions or Stamps on the road.

It amazes me how competative the West has been for a number of years now...standing have been sucha tight race...I think back to 2011 where 3 teams in the west finished with 11 wins (and the Riders sucked), 2009 where 1st and 4th were seperated by 2 games, 2008 were the 4th place team had 10 wins. With these super competative standings in the cap era I find it hard to imagine a team topping the Esks 16-2 season...I can only hope that the East is building the same tight race excitement that has elevated the interest level in much of the West over the past several seasons.

I would argue that the best team of the modern era is the 1997 Argos...15-3, best record to still win the Cup, and outscored their opponents just over 2 to 1 (amazing stat)

LOL!! maybe he misread the title subject....thought it read
Riders dirtiest team ever????? :slight_smile: :roll:

Not serious, an yes...perahps a little insane lol, yet the 'best ever' topic is always an interesting subject to many. :cowboy:

I think the 81 Eskies , would be in the same league as that Argo team. Only lost once and showed their medal in a tough GC game ! 84 Bombers and 92 Stamps were very good as well!

The Esks were pretty amazing with Moon indeed!

DepopulationINC...Absolutely 100% in agreement....history shows that a great regular season doesn't always mean a Championship in either CFL/NFL. Look at last year for example Argos (9-9) Ravens(10-6) both got hot at the right time,knocking off teams along the way with better records than them and becoming Grey Cup and Super Bowl Champions.

The '67' Cats team has to have consideration when talking about best team ever,without a doubt the BEST DEFENCE ever!!
They only allowed 198 pts. agst. in 17 gms played,play-offs included(11 on avg. a game).The team also didn't allow a t.d. against in their last 6 games played,and only 4 pts allowed in 3 play-off games.In an amazing feat they had 14 games with under 20 points scored on them and 8 with under 10 allowed.They finished with a 13-4 record and destroyed the Riders 24-1 in the Cup to win their 3rd title in 5 years. :thup: :thup: :thup: one thumb each for Cups in 63,65,67.

Love to see your Rider Pride, turkeybend2............but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. "Our' Riders have been here before (5 - 0) but 5 games does not a season make and while I am happy with the results so far, there is still work to do. Let's just take 'er a game at a time and hope that we can stay injury free.

We hardly 'waltzed' to victory, IMHO.......we played a team that is injury riddled, under a new coach, with a losing record. I am waiting to see how we fare against Calgary.