Riders best team ever?????

:cowboy: :rockin: :wink:

Just askin'

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No doubt about it.

The only question that needs to be asked is "Will you be using the same parade route for this and the next 4 years?"

Best team ever....hmmmmmm how about best team so far this season,Riders do look strong,like their on a mission....but alas tis only week 3,lets see how the season turns out.Lots of football yet to be played. :rockin: :cowboy:

Well there's only 2 streets in Regina. How many different routes could there be? :stuck_out_tongue:

The way the Riders count, only one or three. :rockin: :lol:

does it go through Dog River???????? :cowboy:

This team is awesome already and still has much to improve that appears to me can be fixed.

Some of the fans have come around to being good folks too and especially not arrogant about their success.

you're embarassing.... :roll: :thdn:

Well if that isn't a backhanded compliment, wow. Most of the fans were just fine already thank you very much.

I wonder if he is asking if this is the best Riders team ever (not there yet) or the best team ever (definitely not there yet)? But so far so good. Got to love the SheetsShow. Defence is swarming and hitting hard, and the specials are playing like their names.