Riders Best CFL team of All-Time!!!!?????????????

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Let's see. Saskatchewan, after winning the Grey Cup, lose their coach, their MVP QB, their inspirational leader (HOlmes) their sac leader ( Perry). Then they lose at the start of this season starter after starter after starter. Yet they are 8-2!!!!!!!!!!!
Might this be the best coached and best CFL team ever??????? :thup: :thup: :thup: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Riders Rule
Grey Cup Champs
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

You must be bored with the discussion on the forum. I'm sure you will get some interesting responses to this one;) I don't believe you actually agree with the statement you just made.

We'll see what happens in November. But Bishop did look like a beast today.

How many teams have overcome such adversity in the long storied history of this wonderful league. I think none have overcome the obstacles thrown at the Riders since last NOvember. Down 17 going into the 4th quarter and again coming back. What a team, what a coaching staff, what a PROVINCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming from a fan of a team who went 11-0 to start a year and finished 12-6 and failed to win the Grey Cup (that’s the standard we use out in BC)I think you might be getting a bit ahead of yourself turkey.

Especially considering the best team (statistically) didn’t win the Grey Cup last year, I’d say it’s too early to determine anything.

Wait till the weather gets cold and BC has to play a playoff game on the road in NOvember if they make it that far!! By half time the Lions players will be booking tickets to Hawaii to get warm and wished they never played in a true man's league on the prairies!!!
Riders Rule
Grey Cup Champs!!!!

That 4th quarter comeback reminded me of Uncle Jeb's canola: first the slow spring means it got planted late, then it got too hot and nearly burned it out. Then we thought the grasshoppers were gonna eat it, but the hailstorm knocked them out, but, of course, hail ain't great for canola plants. But she came through like a champ at 40 bushels per!!!

Michael Bishop and Roundup-ready, my two l'il darlings.

Best team ever I would say not , that my friend would be the Esks teams in the early 80's and winning 5 cups in a row , It wasn't a fluke either it was a Machine built to destroy everything in its path . When the Riders Win their 5th in a row I will personally come out a lead the parade .

The riders have not lost a lot of games since the implimentation of the SMS. The on-field talent gets evened out and games are won on coaching and conditioning. Everybody in the organization becomes that much more important. I won't be surprised if they do establish themselves as a powerhouse during the early years. We could easily be witnessing a dynasty in the making.

But we're not exactly comparing apples to apples. And we're jumping the gun a little.

Yeah cuz the Lions DIDNT win the cup in November in Winterpeg in 06 right Turkey? Next fairy tale thx

That win did not count as Wally cheated!! He prayed before the game and got help from upstairs!!!!

We practice outside turkey....and it was pretty miserable at the start of this year's training camp. Won't be a problem.

To be fair...it's always pretty miserable when you're in Surrey! :lol:

Turkey gets to excited sometimes. If Riders had a healthy Fantuz and Chick and Flick and Dominguez and Hughes they would be 9 and 0. But that is a lot of ifs.

Love this team. But the other 3 west teams are good. Riders will have to fight hard to win west. Fight hard to get to Grey Cup.

The best ever? No way.

Obviously, Turkeybend is blinded by emotion. Saskatchewan would have to win 6 consecutive grey cups to be considered the best ever. However in recent decades, back-to-back champions are rare.

I see the fishing continues to be good Turkey....I assume you catch and release...?

When is turkey going to be banned for the useless trolling messages that he puts up at least once a day? Like "haha" it was funny the first few times he posted outrageous messages, but it is getting sort of old now.

could you imagine if we had R. Ray and all our receivers? oh my lord! we'd be crazy good!

Yeah. It's a shame the Riders have mediocre QBing. Otherwise, I would even probably be dropping money on them right now to win the GC in november.

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