Riders beef up OL, sign Jamal Campbell

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed National offensive lineman Jamal Campbell.

Campbell (six-foot-five, 292 pounds) was selected by the Toronto Argonauts in the third round, 22nd overall, of the 2016 CFL Draft and went on to play six seasons with his hometown team, suiting up for 59 games.

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Great signing… Though it likely closes the door on Labatte.

Highly unlikely

Great signing by the Riders . I posted in the Cat forum how we should have gone after him but alas as usual our management team was asleep at the switch .

Yes, very good signing. The OL doesn't look La"Bad". Dunno about Brendan. Cup's in Regina so maybe he wants back in for this year. Do Riders want him? Could have used him last year - coming 36, only played 8 games in 2019, missed 2 years. Also prefers LT & so does top FA signing last year Johnson. Awkward all the way around IMO.

Oops. of course he's LG, not LT.

The ball’s in Labatte’s court as to whether he plays this season – least it was in his court. Given the above signing, it’s questionable whether we now have the cap space to bring him back.

For the record, rookie Logan Ferland started all but 1 game at LG last season… Johnson played RG all year.

CAP space is irrelevant until the final rosters in June. However, based upon a CAP of $5.3MM this year 3DownNation projected each team's spending at this point & the Riders are under by about 230K placing them 7th in spending. Here's the comments on the Riders from the site if you're interested.

"Yes, even after sinking [$255,000 into Duke Williams] the Saskatchewan Roughriders appear to have some money to play with.
As it stands, the Riders’ savings come from the relative inexperience of their defensive line and secondary, where most returnees from last season are making near the league minimum. That’s part of what makes it feasible for two starting-calibre middle linebackers in Darnell Sankey ($110,000) and Larry Dean ($84,500) [to make the roster at the same time.
More of the savings have been spent in retaining receivers Kyran Moore and [Shaq Evans] ($130,000) for the benefit of Cody Fajardo, but the Riders have the wiggle room they need [if Brendon LaBatte wants to mount a comeback."

I’m aware of this. Still, teams only have so much to spend on proven linemen (starters) like Labatte, Clark, Johnson, etc.
As for that cap article on 3DN… A whole lot of spitballing went into that piece imo.

Well, of course, Sask. They're basically guessing what the final roster looks like. But you & I can make a pretty good guess on who's going to be part of the roster, veteran wise, & you can fill in the blanks with names who likely are at the league minimum or will be replaced by prospects similarly priced. The guys who have the most impact, dollarwise, likely don't change. If LaBatte is interested with the Cup @ home, do the Riders make room for the hometown hero or does this end up like the Andrew Harris situation & say goodbye? If so, LaBatte, unlike Harris, likely retires.

I was surprised to learn O’Day was giving Labatte time to decide. If the past is any indication, he really isn’t one for waiting on player decisions (see Cameron Judge). But given this recent signing, and considering the veterans he’s let walk this offseason, I doubt O’Day has the cap space 3DN projects.
Unless the hometown hero is prepared to give a hometown discount, I somehow doubt Labatte will return. But hey, I’m just spitballing too. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

The veterans that walked walked because that is is what they wanted to do... No cajoling or$$ would have change their minds. Every team has this happen every season. it is the nature of the cfl and the contracts that are popular with the players. it is not a league with a lot cash to throw around in order to buy loyalty

Afraid I disagree. Gainey wasn’t offered a contract, Purifoy claimed we “lowballed” him, and Micah was offered better $$ in Hamilton.
Not sure why Powell is gone.

Again, every team every year season in season out goes through this. Not a big deal nor synopsis of something wrong either. It is just the nature of the beast

I think this is what Saskwatch was referring to. I realize players walk from teams every year, but to say no amount of $ would have changed things is just blatant "fake news." The world has become overridden with this shi t because of careless postings like this, usually made after a few pints have set in.

after a few pints is when everyone's sports IQ goes up to genius level though