Riders become odds on favourites to win Grey Cup in 2013

:D Cheap Wally throws loyalty out the window and gives the Riders the key to another Grey Cup contending season.

What message does this send to hard working veterans on the Lions. You are just a horse being used by the company!

Geroy make Wally pay for this. Green and White welcome you in spades.

Riders will rule again
Rider Pride Nation Wide :smiley: :smiley: 8) :rockin: :thup: :cowboy: :lol:

p.s. last number 81 for the Riders was from Vancouver too!!!!

Get real :roll:

I think they are the 2013 Tiger-Cats.Good offense but worst defense in the West and maybe the league pending what Montreal and Hamilton do.

You do realize who you're talking to, don't you? That would spoil everything. :lol:

How's that? We were 2nd in the league (and the west) in pretty much all meaningful defensive categories last year. Our defence will be just fine, hopefully better than last year. Richie Hall has not put out the "worst defense in the West and maybe the league" since we had a completely rookie secondary in 2000 (could have been 99). Cortez has nothing to do with the defense, Hall and Chamblin have that taken care of, and I believe that they are quite capable.

There's really only one meaningful defensive team stat. Points allowed. The Riders allowed 407 points last year. Which was 2nd best. Only BC had fewer points allowed. The Riders had a pretty solid D last year.

I could see why you'd be so confident with your grand total of 3 cup wins in franchise history.

In other sporting news, Garry Bettman was quoted as saying that Regina is first in line for an NHL franchise. Bettman stated, "it is our goal to have more outdoor arenas for future franchises and Mosaic meets the prime objective of being flat." The NHL board of Governors however set as a condition that the new Regina franchise could not use the name of any existing NHL teams. Negotiations are currently underway with Ottawa to give up the Senators name so that Regina can have it. The Toronto Maple Leafs have said that Regina is welcome to use their name. Calgary Flames have also offered their name as nobody in Calgary has any idea why the are called the Flames as the name has no connection with the city.

...anyone familiar with 'Godwin's Law'? interesting, and probably true...go look it up if you don't know it...

...I'd like to propose a similar law on this forum, that the longer a thread goes the more likely the probability reaches 1 that someone will bring up the number of grey cups the riders have won..."The Turkeybend Law" seems appropriate

...can I get a seconder?

"Odds on favourites"? I'd lay those odds all day to anyone foolish enough to think this is a championship year in Saskatchewan.

Can't wait to hear the crying from Rider Fan when they realize Simon is a broken down shell of himself and when Ralph Wiggam is trying to call the offence with a pen stuck up his nose.

It's rare that a host city wins the Grey Cup...chances of that happening three years in a row are slim to none.

And on top of that you've got Saskatchewan's pathetic history - - eight team league and all you can manage is 3 championships in 100 years? That's an embarassment.

And now I have a new signature for 2013.

C'mon guys, I'm trying to be serious here. I am sure at least half of the posters won't bring up the number of Grey Cups any team has won. I certainly won't. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: (That's 3 cowboys just for effect)

Coyote's Law: "It is a given that some fool will always try to inject logic into an illogical conversation."

Kiss of death, Turkey. Last year the Cats were the "odds on favorites" to win. I think that your prediction may turn out to be colder than an Edmonton summer day.

Here are the real odds to win the 2013 Grey Cup.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

[url=http://sports.bodog.ca/sports-betting/football-futures.jsp]http://sports.bodog.ca/sports-betting/f ... utures.jsp[/url]

I think that page is being a bit too kind to BC. They just lost two major key veteran receivers in Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce III and McCalum isn't getting any younger.

Pretty kind to Montreal too. Do they even have a head coach yet? Can win without a decent coach.

:lol: :lol: ... it looks like you are having a good weekend ice fishing Turkey... getting plenty of bites... :lol: :lol:

Exactly, the odds are in our favoured 8)

New stadium (now Edmonchuk will have the worst stadium) and an NHL team! Awesome. I vote for naming them the Oilers, we're use to having losing teams so we might as well take them over :twisted: .


In 2012 preseason, Hamilton was the top favourite according to sportbooks because of personnel changes. But instead Hamilton missed the playoffs. Big differences between reality and speculations. Premature to predict the future.