Riders attitude in Dressing room has a lot to do with issues

Barrett is full of it.

The Rider players play this cop-killer music and filthy rap music in their dressing room!

This stuff is garbage, a lot of the players who are not into this (and it is a majority) put up with it, for the team's sake!

Back in the day when Narcisse was still playing, he was known to walk around and turn it off, and not let them play it.

Now there's no Narcisse and this garbage is played all the time.

Something tells me that the music they are playing in the locker room is the least of our worries right now...

you'd be surprised.

I worked the Riders dressing room for a number of games back in 1997-99... in Edmonton and a few times in Calgary.

I know what was going on.. and I could see no dissention in the room..

Let them play whatever music they want. It's petty to think that music is influencing their on-field performance, in my opinion. Sounds like we're fishing for excuses when things like this come up.

Would those in Riderville prefer if, in order to get in the Grey Cup frame of mind, play that Ukranian folk music they had during halftime of the '95 game in Regina in the Green & White dressing room? :lol:

You go into any CFL locker room and there is that kind of music playing. i personally like rap music. The music/beat pumps you up. Its nothing bad. Quit spreading bullshit like that.

exactly!! :roll: what a topic to pick!! :roll: next it will be what kind of car they drive!! :roll:

well it cant be the cars cause FORD(best vechile company) sponsors the team

They dont all drive Fords...

HAHAHA, I the key to the Patriots success was reading the bible before the game and not listening to music. What a joke.

I have to agree..it all starts with attitude..you call it rap I call it Gangster music..At least Play Queen were are the Champions or anything that might instill some passion in this lifeless team. DB's pet Gangster (KK) has to go..Did anyone notice when Keith scored his touchdown he was congradulated by what? 2 Players? great display of team unity.... :frowning:

Rap music is not to blame here..its attitude.. which was the point I was trying to make ,Tristan Clovis said it right..he tried playing Led Zep and was basically laughed at by the American players , you would think a unified team would allow any music to be played to satisfy NOT only a select group of players, last time I checked there are STILL Canadians on this team and this is the CFL..

But try telling that to Shivers and his band of misfits ..( Keith, Smith and all the other trouble makers he brought in)

I agree Dentor, it is the attitude. Back in my junior hockey days all we listened to in the dressing room was rap music. And just for the record every team I played on was compiled of 25 white guys. Now I'm not the biggest rap music fan in the world, but I will be the first to admit that there is the alot of songs of that genre that I really do like (as Charmillionaire's Ridin' Dirty starts playing on my windows media player). Anyway, my point is that listening to that kind of music before a game really does get a guy pumped up and ready to play, so in my opinion the music isn't an issue here.

One last comment, Bobby Cox (manager of the Atlanta Braves) has a rule about music in his clubhouse. Either everyone on the team agrees on the sort of music being played, or there is no music at all. Personally, I would much rather listen to music that isn't my favorite but I still don't mind, then no music at all.

I agree 100% with you Nenzi. I basically said the same thing in my post about the pumping up.

ha ha ha
go to the saskriders.ca site in the free vidios and watch the oday interview.cop killer ha ha ha it sounds to me you just dont like b l a c k music.bc is winning and they listen to rap.