Riders at Ticats Play-By-Play Thread

That's gold, Jerry!! Gold!!


Davis the MANIMAL !!!

The better one was "faster receivers would get to masolis overthrows "

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it just erks me. for sure dane is not as sneaky as masoli. but i hope he does well here.

Nice to downgrade the penalty on Maudlin IV - not intentional contact - slid into him.

Papi with a GREAT return there! Ticats are humming!

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Masoli has more experience. Dane might get there and be less obvious with his hand offs yet, I'd be happy to see either one remain as the starter for next year. I doubt that they keep both again but one never knows.


ya i like them both

Ouch. That hit by Davis had to hurt.

Davis ends that stroll in the park.

nice defensive tackles

I dont like blowouts like this. I prefer it coming down to the wire its more exciting then. Cant wait for the playoffs. unless its against calgary. I love seeing calgary get their ass kicked.

Cats defence not letting off right to the end - good job boys ..good game

Looks like the Ticats have put a few of the back ups in on D. Might just as well give them some reps. Harker (Fine?) almost picked off again by Evans this time.

Yes I like that they have managed to keep them out of the end zone in the fourth instead of folding and letting teams narrow the gap. That's how the 'Peggers play and that's one of the reasons they have the record they do this season. Don't give an inch!


Just need to get the FD and then run out the last few seconds.

Jeez, look at Evans telegraph those handoffs. How do they get first downs when he does that?

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Nice strong win to finish the regular season. Let's carry that into the playoffs.
3 wins to go, let's do this!

Donut box? F U milt!

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It should be "The Coffee Grounds".