Riders at Ticats Play-By-Play Thread

These holding penalties are marginal at best

yes it was

I don’t know the answer

Ok I see the freaky punt thing this time. ..they almost got to the kicker..maybe stop doing that.

Reinebold been working on that all season.

Are they contemplating a fake ?

I think that Evans reminds me of BLM.

He's already been signed by the Elks for decent money for next season. Thought I heard around 300K which I'm pretty sure is more than Dane is making, Dane has more playing time under his belt and has proven he can win games. Arbuckle has less than half the playing experience.

OUCH - starting to take those dumb penalties again! RTP needs to be avoided.

I think this one might be considering who's tossing the ball on the other side!

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Cats were 3rd in the league in rushing in 2019

Bahahah the Argos you suck guy is hilarious while playing sask.

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THAT was stepping OOBs? Maybe it was just the camera angles they showed but it looked like he was right on the edge and not on the white strip at all! At least the catch was made and the offense continues to roll - so far.

did you see that last handoff telegrahed lost yards.

There seems to be some confusion between Dane and receivers. That’s the problem with not giving him reps earlier in the season

Pick #2 for Evans. Better bench him - he can't get the job done, he's garbage and, and, and...... :wink: :upside_down_face:

thats all because of our great running backs but so far sas can see those hand offs coming a mile away. Masoli is way more slick with the handoff

Let's see if our D can get them off the field quickly again - before they add any points to the board.

And I guess the answer is YES!! Another sack!


and when masoli hands it off you never know if he is going to give it to the running back or do a double fake and run it himself. Masoli is much harder to read than evans but i like them both but i prefer masoli because of this.

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Quarterback telegraphing the run is one of the weaker ones I've heard.