Riders at Ticats Play-By-Play Thread

She's not in my section. Whew!!!

Absolutely. If one goes down in a game, we don't have to be concerned that the next QB up can't get the job done. Even Watford got a win or two!


Of course. The relentless QB debate has always been a silly one.


It really is…drives me crazy

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dido I also thought watford kicked ass

For those that didn’t hear..sounds like Addison will be back


Haha the fans REFFS YOU SUCK

Tim White forgot to look for the ball?

The question is can they afford to keep both? Actually two questions. Will both want to stay, knowing that they might not be the starter?

He never looked back once

No lead is safe

I’m glad they didn’t call a PI there. Why was i ready to throw a tantrum?

Sask receivers still can't get that 50/50 ball.

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Costly pick - now to see if they can hold the greenies to a FG. Good first play by Brooks? then Rolle! NICE JOB defense!! :+1:

And could have called OPI on the second one with the straight arm on Rolle.

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Realy feeling the "Argos Suck" vibe for some reason...

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my main complaint with evans is he telegraphs the handoff and it makes i more difficult to get the run in.

I’m not sure how much a team is willing to pay for Dane yet. Should be an interesting off season.

Beauty throw


Have you noticed all the interest in Arbuckle with his 8 starts. Someone is going to offer him starters money