Riders at Ticats Play-By-Play Thread

Well the D is firing on all cylinders - so far! Now the O just has to get the lead out and make some plays - especially since they've had favourable FP most of the time!

A kicker!

Ciraco wasn’t out for that series. Done for the day?

Yes, it should have been 15 yards on the first contact. Maybe they considered that the ball actually hit the Riders player, bounced back, and then a second Rider player was within five yards of where it was finally picked up by the Ticats, so five yards on that? Not sure how far the ball bounced back - was it more than 10 yards?

Last week he was #1

So much for making much progress but at least they got close enough to make a FG. Would have been a shame to waste such good FP.

Masoli taking too long to throw - he fears an int I guess

The ball did bounce back a ways. I was concerned that the Riders were going to nab it and get it back! I’ve seen 5 yard penalties on STs changed to 15 for interference. I’m pretty sure that was called against the Ticats a couple of weeks ago - for much less from what I could tell.

Congrats to Simoni on becoming all-time tackle leader for HAM.

I know they never used to count tackles, but it still seems weird to see a leader board that includes O’Shea and not Zambiasi.


Saskie may be slightly ahead on the stats lines but the Ticats at least have the only points on the board at the end of one quarter.

That hit by Lawrence on Collaros was as dirty as they come.

Not sure if it ever hit a Rider player when it first came down. So for it to be a 15 yarder after it hit the ground, a Rider player would have need to have tried to prevent the Ticat player from retrieving the ball, hover over the ball, or hit the returner roughly. I didn’t see any of these.

And yes, I was worried that the punter was going to come up and grab it too.

Tim White sure never gives up and is hard to take down! GREAT find this season!


Stupid penalty

Two beauty throws by masoli

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They'd better stop taking DUMB unnecessary penalties. It's killing them every time thy do make a few plays.
Dunbar bailed them out on that play! WTG!

First Banks sighting.


A great Canadian receiver.

Jackson seems to keep getting positive yards - encouraging

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There ya go!