Riders at Ticats Play-By-Play Thread

You know who was really good at disguising his handoffs? Richie Williams.

Unfortunately, as a QB, you need some other aspect of your game to be your greatest strength.

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Ciraco did leave the game early on likely due to his back again

Domagala also didn't play for weeks so one miss is kinda understandable .

Condell noticed how well that gameplan worked for the Argos the week before.

Hmmm. You're the only guy that mentioned Evan's 2nd pick in the half.

I wonder where the rest of the peanut gallery suddenly disappeared to?


Not only did I forget about the rule, but I also forgot that I and others actually expected this to happen back when it was first introduced. This is a post I made in Jan 2020. (Not the first on that thread to make similar comments.)

I was re-watching parts of the game. I would like to comment that I find A.C. Leonard's courage to be very remarkable. Not only can he abuse labcoat technicians who are just trying to do their jobs, but he is tough enough to take a cheapshot at Simoni from behind during a halftime interview.

He must be a real man's man. And yet, not even the dirtiest player on their defence.

I watched that in the replay as well . AC Leonard is a complete ass and I have to laugh at all the fans of other teams especially Rider fans who love to take a dump on Simoni at every opportunity . You want to talk about dirty ass cheap shot players ? well look no further then your own backyard .

You guys have without a doubt the most dirtiest ass player in the league in one Makana Henry . The only reason he gets a pass is that he has minimal talent and isn't near in the same class as Lawrence . You also have that other goon Marino . I guess he's the new apprentice to Henry as the heir apparent to the throne . You throw in Mr. Pee Pee Leonard and it says it all .

Full Stop .


So are we cheering for CAL over SSK? I would find it hard to ever cheer for CAL until they do some time in the basement like the rest of us. But I think I want whichever team has the best chance of beating WPG.

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Never. Ever am I cheering for the Riders. Like arguably cheer for the Argos over them.
Their fans will do that to you.
As many Grey Cups as the U of T and act like they're the New England Patriots.


Every week, the CFL announces player fines resulting from the weeks games. I would have expected a couple of rider names after last Saturday's game but I haven't seen anything. Did I miss it or do they just not bother because it was the last game of the season?

Expected a fine and explantion for the Santos-Knox thing . Maybe it was for a good reason, maybe not, who knows. They wont say because no one asks. CFL and HAM media are the perfect marriage.

Several players deserved fines for that game, Marino, Henry, van Zeyl (could possibly get two) Murray at least one more that I'm forgetting as I head out the door to work.

That was a horrible game from both teams. Both coaches should be ashamed of themselves for letting that crap get out of hand the way that it did.

Was referring to Santos Knox ejection at TOR.

The one you are probably forgetting is perhaps Nick Marshall and his classy move at the end of the game .

What is it about the way we run "victory formation" that seems to cause opponents to lose their minds? Does this happen to anyone else other than HAM?

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[quote="ExPat, post:199, topic:74903"]

Good Question . Maybe all our players are blowing raspberries or laughing at the other team when they're in the V formation . :rofl:

I am usually not one to complain about the refs, but this season IMO has been fairly inconsistent. Simoni was fined for a hit that didn't even draw a flag in the game. Santos Knox was ejected for something that wasn't even bad enough to draw a fine. W. Jefferson is seen in the face of an opponent, taunting after the play and no flag is thrown. Then you have a ref caught on a hot mike making a disparaging comments about a team. I hope the playoffs are better.

The ref’s remarks were apparently directed at the tv production, not the team. They wanted him to hurry up and get the half started, but the timeout call was the reason for the delay.

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It wouldn't be the first time somebody screamed "eff them" at a TSN broadcast. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: