Riders at Ticats Play-By-Play Thread

This game is meaningless as far as playoff standings go.
Win, and the team finishes 8-6, lose and it's another .500 season.
Face it, this will be little more than a pre-season game.
Does Dane get any playing time? Are the vets/injured benched after a quarter?

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this is the type of game that defines a team.

with the season the cats have had, hell, even without that season, you ALWAYS try to win at home. Always.

You think if this was a Riders home game they would be mailing it in? They are class organization that will play like it in front of their home fans.

This game means much more than a preseason game!

It's the game that leads us into the playoffs - at home!

The team better not play as apathetic as some of the fanbase!

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Many, many great remembrances of Angelo Mosca as a player, entertainer, and all-round great human being. RIP big man and thanks for all the great memories!

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Wouldn't the last game against the Argos be more of a game that defines a team? After all, that was for first in the division. This one is meaningless outside of the momentum it may or may not provide.

I echo your comments, Aristotle.Mosca

Ouch. Masoli not getting the love from panel.



If there ever has been a more favorable path, I haven't seen it. Minus the extra game we have to play of course.

Tsn 3? Is that eveb in on the basic cable package

Not likely. TSN 4 is the usual channel for S Ontario. We happen to have all five which has certainly been necessary this season.

"Let's start the game with another Illegal Kickoff"

It's Domagala - not our best kicker. Have to hope that the one they brought in Ferraro(?) is an improvement on both Bertolet (now gone) and Domagala. Seems a bit late in the game to try another kicker but it sure can't be much worse than what we've had.

Nice job by the D getting them off the field before they make it too far. Nothing like tripping up the punt returner when he's trying to catch the ball. Should be a 15 yd - not 5 yd - penalty.

wow we sure aren't firing on all cylinders as of yet. Let's hope we get going soon.

I know we shouldn't expect perfection, but is it too much to ask for mere competence?

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Way too much... Greedy much?

Whoever has that noise maker at every game... My lawrd why hasn't the crowd mic guy been moved haha :joy:

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Adeleke making his case for player award voters

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It’s a good thing the D has come to play.

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