Riders at Stamps

Is it actually the youngest? Wow, I knew it was in the bottom couple, but figured Glen might drive them up lol

I heard it on the pre game for whatever that is worth lol.

A couple times and one of those was he was right there as most DBs would be and another he had to read the option. He surrendered the deep in hopes the Safety would pick him up and went to the under...when someone picked it up he went deep and at least he was able to catch up and would have at least made a tackle on a deep ball....pretty impressive for playing press and then hesitating on the under play.

Solid game for a first ever start.

As far as run game...this OL is under performing and needs to be better come cold weather...a lot better. They did respectably against the number 1 run D though....and I am not going to complain about 20+ rushing attempts 2 games in a row

OK that was Sweet.

Chad Owens still has it.

That was SWEET.

Go Riders Go.

Most exciting Rider win since Grey Cup 2013. This game had it all, including an amazing week's build up. I'm guessing BLMitchell won't be on twitter for some time.

Very fun game to attend. Stump fans bailed as they are wont to do, not to kick them after a loss but they really do have an apathetic fan base.

I was impressed with a lot of our players and will say what I've mentioned a few times in the past which is that one can just feel the team first mentality that we have.........

It was a great game and a great time and I an looking forward to attending the WF in a few weeks......

Yup...that is why guys like Lemon who wanted it more 'in their comfort zone' with duties were sent packing. Also...if you watch Jones he rarely uses names. He often uses generalities or numbers as a way of avoiding individualism.

Jones clearly seems to have the room with regards to his players and I think it's because of his football acumen, and his fairness/toughness balance. Plus he adds his own bit of swagger - which every team needs.

Moving forward my biggest concern is playing all 3 phases for all 4 qtrs. Just like we are sitting here now saying 'the Stamps can definitely be beat', other teams are saying the same thing about us (look at the Ottawa loss here at home 10 days ago). We haven't yet shown enough consistency to warrant any type of confidence. Every game is a tough game and we need to play 60 min.

The beginning of the season I didn’t have much faith the Riders could even compete little lone win games.
As the season has progressed I think it would be hard for anyone to deny there has been significant improvement.
I have definite confidence that The Riders can now compete and win any game.
And for me the kicker is, we are consistently improving every game and on a roll at the best time in the season.
Look out!
Go Riders

While we still have much excitement remaining this season, I'm REALLY looking forward to starting next season with the nucleus and chemistry we have now developed here.

Youngest team, quick, a few ball hawks, and a developing young Canadian QB who seems to possess the attitude and a team first approach. I sure hope we can retain him. In fact I'd be ok heading into next season with our current QBs - just in different order: BB-KG-VA

For the record, I know many who were wanting to run Jones out of town - who now are all eerily silent.

And wouldn't it be exciting if this young nucleus with the chemistrydeveloping and young Canadian QB started next season as 2017 grey cup winners. :wink:

Would love to see it but we have lots of work to do first

3 Steps to go
Win against the Als
Win against the EE
Win 1st round

I am pumped.

Don't you mean 5 steps?
WIN vs Als
WIN vs semi finalist
WIN vs Stamps
WIN Grey Cup

The next 2 don't matter, except to make happy fans at the gate. It's the next 3 after that, those are the games that really count. They have the cup attached to them, with the Rider name on it.

I don't see it that way at all.
Every single game right now is super important for team continuity and momentum going into the play offs.
Winning the last 2 games will speak volumes for the confidence and execution.

For me, I hope for the best but everything after this is gravy...lst year I hoped to see 6-7 wins and they fell short...I liked where things were going but it was a tad slower of a process than I anticipated. This year I said competing for a playoff spot, which meant >7 wins and...at 9 with 2 to play they have met or exceeded my expectations...which is big after falling short last season. We have also seen a sharp drop in GM mistakes after a shaky rookie season and have what is a pretty unified, team first club that is the youngest in the league. I like where this is heading. I felt like this team should get 8-10 wins...I wasn't sure early on with some of the losses, but I also understood this secondary was going to take a bit to come together...especially after the blow of losing Cox. I 'expect' nothing in the playoffs this yer...but I hope for the best and I believe that whether the Riders finish 3rd or 4th in the West that nobody is really pumped to be playing them in the opening round...that is a nice spot to be in....they are a team that is potentially hitting a surge at the right time...and also getting bodies back.

Yes absolutely and given the confidence and team solidarity the Riders are showing, playing the Riders right now is something no team is excited about having to do....
I still figure we win the last 2 games at home and enter the playoffs riding confident and also as said, bodies coming back on the field is an added bonus imo.

IIRC, a strong gate makes the club happiest. In this day and age of fickleness and whiny fans in this league - a strong gate is the most important thing. Look at the Stamps. Powerhouse club in a wealthy western city. In what is now the 2nd worse facility in the league. With ZERO plans for improvement on their stadium situation. Why? Because the city doesn't really care all that much.

2nd? It was the worst 5 years ago, 10 years ago. Who is the worst now?