Riders at Stamps

Should be a good game, will be interesting to see how we fair this time. We need to blitz BLM and stop the run. If the D comes to play and the O line can give our QB the time he needs... who knows!!

Will be interesting to see Carter playing corner

From "cut" to starting WR and CB.


If dline can pressure BLM to toss up some ducks Duron and Gainey could have a big night. If not, we likely will get killed. From now on we gotta perform much better in the trenches.

Interesting is not the term I would use. More likely a blood bath. I hope this is just Jones trying to get back at the media and it's more of a "gotcha" thing. Sorry but Carter while a talented dude is going to get roasted in all likelihood. Pretty sad that we have no backup better then a receiver playing both ways to play corner. Not a knock on Carter just the fact this isn't his natural position but then not surprising that Jones would have a **** on about playing a player out of position, after all that seems to be his mission. Heck why not have Duron play qb and DT too?

I say the odds of the Riders keeping the Stamps under 40 points are about 0. Heck just mail the Stamps the points and save the trip and the risk of more injuries. Really hoping this is all smoke.

It would be funny....but unless there is some dramatic healing over night it is going to happen. Carter at Corner in all honesty has looked pretty damned good in practice and he has been doing a little bit of it every week all season. When Jones says he might be a better coverage guy than he is a receiver he is not embellishing...a little time back there and he would be impressive IMO. But him on boundary and he should be half decent. He is not going to be a 'top end' DB out of the gate or anything...but he can keep up with about anyone, has the size and is aggressive....I am mainly worried about his open field tackling TBH.

Also...this isn't a Jones move. This is a Carter move. He begged for a chance to dabble in it....but hey...guess you are not a fan of Jefferson, Antigha, Edem, Leonard, Foster, Francis or Mrabure then. Jones' ability to envision players in other rolls has a pretty good success rate. They are not all wins but many turn into gems....this knack and willingness to coach the extra mile is huge in the long run...as time goes on, rolling the dice on some of these projects is huge...players moved into new rolls to optimize their skill-set is something they can be more and more patient with now that the roster is becoming stable and gives you an infinitely divers lineup. Guys like Adusei are ones that I am really looking forward to watching evolve.

Personally I love that Carter is stepping up to the challenge and love even more that this likely means we will see Bouka getting some reps at corner as well. It is nice having a guy that is versatile enough to step in when 3 or 4 are banged up and the other 2 are simply not ready.

But hey...I am a glass half full type of guy...not half empty and couldn't imagine being so.

Agreed Depop, necessity always sets the plan and its looking,like you said much more stable core…injuries are unfortunate reality, but realistically what a time to “look at” players in new (different positions) responsibilities against Calgary in their own stadium and at a time a win is very much needed.
Well if the Riders come out deadly vicious on Dline and we get a few breaks and don’t take STUPID penalties… a win could happen.

Great insight to how we might fare against the Stamps but if we draw Proulx, then we're done at the coin toss. 0-3 this season with him on the field and likely, not proven, but 0-XX. We just can't win with him.

With a good showing of rider fans that could change , see you there ; go riders

I'm with you on this Depop , I don't think Bo will be throwing any 50/50 balls in DC area , I'm just worried about the PI calls and his ability to wrap up on tackles , but if Bo want to throw 25 balls his way go ahead I think he will be fine.

Maybe the riders can make bo run for his life, that would be the answer.

^-------- This is what I want to see.

Go Riders Go

I just want to see contain. I don't want him moving the pocket to the edges...that is where he eats you up. If he is throwing the ball outside I want to see him doing that from between the tackles because the Riders have the speed to make some things happen there. It also forces him into the shallow stuff, where the Riders have excelled, and over the middle, where they are probably the strongest right now than they have been all season.

I want to see him running and getting sacked in the process

I’d like to see the Riders run the ball more. Both their backs look like they are ready to go off but need the ball more consistently

again in the red zone and Macadoodoo calls 2 useless run plays... he will never learn...

TD Carter

He serviceable enough Jimmy?

Contain, extra coverage in the middle, force longer outside deep balls. The Riders have the guys to compete with anyone out there.

Well big W for the Riders tonight. They've now blown out every team in the west. We've gotta be excited with what we have on the field... not just for this season but next as well. Apparently we are the youngest team in the CFL

That Chris Jones looks like a genius. Wish he was coaching my team…
…and Carter is playing to his personality.
Hope to see more friendly Twitter wars… too funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol all right yeah he did ok. He was burned a couple of times but Bo missed the receivers. Still Carter played better then I thought and good on him.

Great game all around but still wish we had a better run game or used it more. Still a win in Cowtown is ever so sweet.