Riders at Lions Game Thread

This game is shaping up to be a big one with both Edmonton and Calgary losing. BC has a shot to take sole possession of first in the West, whereas the Riders will try to make it a three way tie. My prediction: a low scoring football game.

I say Riders either lose big or win a tight game

I say Sask wins only because I'm 0-3 and why not go for the perfectly imperfect week? :smiley:

During the first 6 games Chamblain has made a lot of changes in the starting line up and the roster giving everyone a chance from the reserves, practice squad, and even late cuts brought back.
He has spent this time also giving receiver auditions to replace Bagg as a top number 3 option. and not going Dressler of Getzlafs way nearly as much in the first 3 wins.
Now that everyone is evaluated expect Chamblin to settle in on a main roster with a more consistant lineup.
Picard is out but the O line is deep and should be able to still provide protection and open holes for kory sheets.
I would suspect that the game plan will still include a lot of Sheets early and often and have the pass game play off the run game the same way they started the season.
Also look for the riders to get dressler a lot more involved like in the 1st few games the receiver experimenting is over so getting the ball in his hands will be a priority as well as Getzlaf who I am sure has been given extra practice by coach as to eliminate his drops. A more consitant D Backfield will be key on defense as the front 7 are playing great and their is depth especially at LB.
Sandro will be handling place kicks which will be huge for the young Milo to concentrate on just punting doing it all was definetly affecting his play and they need FG kicker to be more consitant.
ST coverage teams have been outstanding all year long led by rookie Sam Hurl who made the right decision to get paid to play in the CFL this year as some others decided to go back for another year of CIS to up their stock. Hurl has already uped his stock and could be a starting outside LB if not for the great play of another rookie Kromah.
Injuries to sincorice moss had held up the production of the return game but Tristan jackson has been back and handling the job well. I would still love to see dressler doing more returns but it is obvious that they want his focus soley on receiver. Jock Sanders has picked it up as a utility player and now that efreem Hill who had a break out season last year has been sitting due to lack of production will be much more focused this time around. Former 2010 draft pick Jordan Sisco seems to be finally up to speed as he spent 2010 in NFL training camp until last cuts and had some injuries. Big Reciever harper impressed a lot in pre season but his production was down and like Hill has been sitting back on the roster he also most likely will be more focused and play better as his size makes him a perfect possesion receiver. Starting 4 NI OLineman gives Chamblin a lot of flexibility at the receiver spot.
Finally Darian Durant has been putting up numbers but they have not been winning. He seems too loose if that is possible hopefully that has been addressed as he often has running lanes that he does not take advatage of also hpefully coches have pointed that out to him. If he does begin to lose focus during the game perhaps a few series for Drew Willy when this happens will refocus his efforts. In reality the Riders should be 5-1 Durant, the coaching staff, and the entire team needs to stay focused as Chamblin is for the whole game.
They should come out tonight like it is the first game of the season again and play fast and focused

I think u raise a good point. There was alot of change in the off season and huge amount of change during the first 6 games. Once he gets the players in the right places, look out we're golden. Not sure if it will be this year. Players known if they don't produce they are gonzo.

Low score games I don't mind; the line of scrimmage and good coverage in the secondary dictates that. However, this is a different and stronger Lion team that has both their losses against the Riders and Esks. Sheets will have a good game, thus hope Durant does too. B.C. with Lulay finds a way to produce results; we'll see how the 2 week lay-off has done.

I say after this game BC is first in the west. I guarantee it. :wink:

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...The Mayor does his thing

A double the first time he says "5 yards added on to the run back" on a no yards penalty. A single every time after.:lol:

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I was so sad when I heard his voice. :lol:

Aggressive start for the Riders. Wasn't expecting that. I figure I'll cheer for the Riders tonight. I picked BC, but seeing as how I'm already 0-3, what does 1 win matter? :lol:

...legit question here for BC fans, just noticed the electronic graphic band thing between the field level and the first row of seats

question is, man, is that thing distracting to players?! it would appear to be right at eye level

...lol, Benevides looks like he's dressed to hang out in Surrey

Forde's an idiot. Command centre finally gets one right and he says they're wrong.

BC has to wake up.

Riders #12 looks like he just escaped from a prison...

Make that 18 picks for Durant against BC. That's crazy! :lol:

What a pick!