Riders at Larks Game Thread, Mon Oct 13, 1 pm et

Monday, October 13, 2014
1:00 PM ET
Saskatchewan at Montreal

The first game of the holiday Monday TSN doubleheader pits a Saskatchewan club trying to find a way to win with their stable of backups and a Montreal squad trying to keep in the playoff hunt in the East with their maybe-possibly-potentially AC successor. Montreal has to be favoured in spite of an offense that has its ups and downs, particularly on the road. This game is at Molson Stadium, so the Als should find enough offensive consistency to prevail in this one. It should be close though.

Oski Wee Wee,


Want another reason to hate the Arhols... They are making us cheer for Saskatoonewans :thdn:

Hi folks!

14-7 Als at the half. AC's number 13 is being retired now in a ceremony. The game is mostly a snoozefest.

Cortez should try and trick the MTL "D" and call for another running play right up the middle! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Well, wait until they unveil their 5-TE set! :wink:

Haha just turned game on. Im guessing the is a lot of running going on from Sasky?

Td throw from lady locks.

This game is over

This is the CFL.

Forgotten already what happened to the Cats the other day?

Trying to but thanks for bringin that up :thdn:

Fantastic atmosphere there in Montreal with the Als killing the Riders and with the Anthony Calvillo day and ceremony. Super stuff. :thup:

The Riders will not scare anyone if they make the playoffs without Durant.

Montreal is a very dangerous team. Teriffic D, great receivers, good return game, a QB who doesn't turn the ball over. I wouldn't want to play the Als in the playoffs.

Thanks for nothing Sasky!

Yeah, after that performance, and their refusal to pass at all, I almost think Sask's plan is going to be avoid getting hurt, get the crossover spot and come back to play when Durant is back.

Just so you know…Lady locks as you call him is growing his hair to donate to make wigs for cancer patients
His ex-fiancé recently (couple of weeks ago) died of cancer

a truly sad thing. each handles loss in his own way. I wish him well, off the field.