Riders at Hamilton

If anyone doubts the ramifications of not having a veteran QB .... game would be 21-0 already if Glenn was playing.

Having said that - they said that 1985 was the last time a Canadian QB started and won a CFL game. Hope we see that updated with a win tonight

Thigpen looking very good so far - nearly took that one in for 6

They need to stop putting Adams in close to the goal line, it's no secret what the play is when he goes in, or else don't commit to him running.

Massoli> completed pass, completed pass, completed pass......

Bridge> Incompleted pass, incompleted pass, incompleted pass......



Riders trying everything to NOT win it seems .... they have paid very poorly the second half

ugly ugly win

I don't like that last penalty --- that was a planned PI play. Reciever turns into defender ... bam automatic first down. I get it why Jones was upset

Anyhow first win by a Canadian QB in 32 years


any word on Carter or Labatte?

and that was against the worst team in the league. I can't imagine the bloodbath with the Stamps next week !!!

depends on Glenn and Carter. If the riders play the way they did against BC and Edmonton they can compete with any team - yes even Calgary.

If the team we saw tonight shows up - Stamps by 40

Well great first half, 2nd Half just sucked just like labour day. This team can't get a huge lead then sit back the rest of the game, we are very lucky we won tonight. Rodgers needs to go also.. not impressed with his play, to many FUp's. Bridge played well first half, suspect they rained him in the second, to bad.. to gave the cats new life!! Fugly win!! OH can we trade Macodoodoo!! >:(

Again no points in the forth quarter......still very concerning as far as I'm concerned
A ways to go yet if they really want to compete for playoffs

Bridge is not a starter...any other team they lose

D schemes are pathetic. Dominate 3 game by blitzing then stop. Both or ray would have had 500

In fairness to the D that new DT was not good...Foster also went down so Edem up...thats when things went a little south.

Costly win to....
Carter...dislocated ankle...yikes
Labatte...though I would think it wasnt serious
Foster, Ontko, Edem, Steele, Thigpen....

Half of those are probably missing the next game...not good.

Yeah it was an ugly win but still a win. The way things looked in the first half I was thinking this one was going to be as close to a cake walk as we have had all season. Hmm nope wrong answer, instead of going after the tiCats secondary deep or mid deep we went to the old rope a dope and almost lulled our offense into a coma. Now I realize there were some injuries but more on the defensive side then on offense and yet the offense went into the prevent mode, which they played very well to the point of almost preventing us to get a win. Did I mean to say the offense in prevent mode? Yes I did and yes they did it. Second and 3 and you can’t get a first? Brutal and worse yet they gained nothing so had to punt. Worse yet was when they had 1:30 left and get the ball back about the 35 they have Bridge take the ball and run in a circle killing all of maybe 5-7 seconds and then he eats it for a big loss instead of just chucking it OB. Leaving them second and forever which then they hand off for another loss an give the ball back with plenty of time left. That is when I almost blew a gasket. Sure fine I get it that Bridge didn’t want a fumble or a pick but to give up that kind of yards and not even attempt to chuck it away? That was just stupid and it almost cost us the win.

Now on defense yes they went very vanilla but when you have the amount of injuries they had I guess that it is understandable even though it was frustrating to watch. That new big guy Barnes really didn’t impress me and yes it looks like the reasons he didn’t stick in the NFL still applies. The man is a mountain but plays like a mouse. Now sure he had little time to get use to the schemes but still he was not the dominant physical player I was hoping to see. James seemed to cause much more havoc for the O line and Jefferson was far more effective then Barnes was although I really wish Jefferson would watch the ball and the snap instead of going off side so often. It really costs them on D taking those stupid off sides.

All in all its a win but we got lucky in the fact Saunders fell on that last play otherwise I don’t think we come out of there with the W. Pretty scary to see 3 guys in the same area defensively and yet Saunders was open and could have made the catch for the score. Nice to get the turnovers and without them I don’t see a win for the green and white. Good to be lucky and lucky to be good but I don’t feel good hoping we can get that against the Stamps.

I hope Glenn is back in and LaBatte, Carter,Foster and James are in( I know not likely for James) Bridge was all right but dodged many a bullet on a couple of sure turn overs. That is something that there is little hope of happening against the Stamps. Happy for Bridge but I want Glenn calling the shots the rest of the way if we are still in the playoff hunt. Bridge I don’t feel can get it done sorry to say.

Wow ...it must be tough to be a Rider fan.

Most saw a losing season ahead.

They are 6-5

They win a game on the road with their number one QB injured. And a top receiver out early. And 4 injuries on defense during the game. And one key one on the O-line. Back up RB in there too.

The back up QB in his second start EVER goes 21/31...3 TD ...0 picks

Reading his thread seems surreal. What were you expecting?

Did you get backed into a corner with your pregame criticism of Bridge and were hoping he'd fail? That's what it reads like.

Not everyone saw this as a lost season before it started...

I am expecting a defense that figured out that applying several different looks and the opponent having no clue where the heat was coming from to continue to do so...not do it for 3 games and then stop. They only blitzed a few times.

I am expecting an inexperienced QB to have some checkdown options and to the OC to use some play action

I am expecting a QB with a good lead to not be forcing ridiculous throws to try to make things happen...don't care what their experience level is. If they are down I get it. He is a mobile QB...take off a couple times and change the D. He was very lucky he did not have multiple interceptions....we will see if he learns...If he learns from it...great...but there is no excuse for some of the coverage he threw into. I will say that his release has come a long way...which has always been my biggest issue with him...and it really showed in the timing routes. His leisure grip with securing the ball was alarming....that needs to be a focus for Jackson to hound him on...especially for a mobile QB.

Like I said...the D looked 'ok' until people started dropping like flies...Hecht does not look the same as last season when he is in there...plays way too far back. You have the other O in one dimensional mode and not once do you protect against the underneath pass and make them pay over the middle

LaFrance is not a backup running back...he was supposed to be the starter coming into the season.

You think this game is won against any other team played like they did?? The win is great...but there were some issues that you can not just smile and pretend were not there because of it.

At the end of the day it is 2 important points and a good look at Bridge. I just hope some of those injuries are not too serious.

Yes there were issues. But the criticism seems out of focus considering being on the road, the injuries, the big lead at the half and being partway thru year two of a COMPLETE rebuild. But you guys are the fans of the team. I just watched this game far differently than what the fans here did I guess. I really admire how far this team has come and see what they could be very shortly as they build on this road win.

And I thought Bridge was vert good in his second career start and first with this team.

I don't think it is out of line at all.

Do you feel they win this game against any other team?

Big lead at half in year 2...against a team that is 3 weeks into new coaching....ok.

The falloff on D was understandable withe the injuries...but the scheme was never what it was on that 3 game winning streak. It is night and day plain to see.

I can even shrug off Bridge's decisions and say it is a part of learning...he did not play horrid or anything....but he did go with a lot of WTF passes when he had no need.

The o play calling in the second half was disgusting for the most part. They had 58....58 yards of O in the 2nd half. 58.