Riders at Hamilton PBP Thread

Revenge time.
Here we go!

OK Cats, lets kick some butt

Eye in the sky needs to correct the spot there.

not good, when you need inches and don't get it

Well, so much for winning the field position battle.

They did, but I think they still got it wrong.

Why do we not just use a QB sneak up the middle on third and short?

I have no clue, but that's going to cost us a game soon...

Wait a minute - it already has...

good for the D to shut them down just for 3. Let's get them back and more.

Because then you lose the element of surprise.

Masoli still hasn't proved to me he is consistant. If we drop this one to the riders
it will be time for Manzeil.

But when you never do it ….

Simoni with the smack, followed by talkin' smack.

Wow. We finally start a drive in enemy territory...

First time for everything.

That play (wide screen) finally worked. Huh.

TD WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Rider assisted drive!

If Sask watched 3 seconds of tape in 2 weeks they would have known where that sneak was going

just keep Watford contained and we should be ok

Quick question. Is the receiving team allowed to block on punt returns?