Riders at Esks. Week 10

What's everyone's predictions?? I say they loss another, but if they play like they did last game, this could be a great start for last end of season!! I hope it's the later... but still not sold!!

Another exciting CFL game later on today - this season is special with so many spectacular plays going on or about to happen. The last 7:00 minutes the fan of Rider team says to himself.... what is Reilly going pull off this time. My predictions are like a concrete wave, Oh no a fumble is happening.

Go Riders

Edit at 7:59 pm Pacific time; 26-6 Riders at the half, never seen this coming at least so far.

Time to put bridge in, give Glen a rest

Well bridge or Adams , good to see someone get in there. Pleasantly surprised. , I must admit I didn't think this would happen, Good job.

Said it in another thread...Bridge is likely done...at least 3rd....coaches have been a bit miffed with him

he is in now

I don't know why the coaches would be miffed with bridge, he's got the size that jones likes , but I guess he's Canadian, perhaps that's a problem. We'll never know unless a guy like him gets in for 5 or 6 games , or 1/2 games . To bad I 'vet seen some pretty good looking prospects come and go. I really think the league needs to make it policy to get some Canadian q.b.'s onto the rosters, or there will just be no incentive to be a q.b. Coming up the ranks.

He is big so they must like him? They just finished making a trade for a 5-11 (and that is a generous measurement) QB and the starter is shorter....pretty sure that shows that it takes more than simply being 6-5 to sell the staff.

As I mentioned in another thread...He has had some issues retaining a few things and continues to struggle in practice....at a pro level you need to be able to practice like you play and not be a "with the lights on" QB because it hurts everyone around you and hampers the staff's ability to evaluate other players properly....that has always been an issue with Bridge and it is a massive deal...especially for a staff who is always going to bring new guys in for looks. At the home game against BC you could see the coaches laying into him on the sideline as well...for multiple reasons.

Nick James, great acquisition for the D-Line,
he showed great speed on the blocked punt for a 6'5 - 320 lb man.

Just a fantastic game for the team....and fans.
Momentum and confidence has got to be great going into the next game I'm sure.
A hot Winnipeg team and The Riders hungry and looking very good next game in town.
Could be one of the best games played in our new stadium and a time for
"pay back!!
Not to mention then 3 straight wins in a row and look out!

Well they looked really good, bombers will be sweating, honestly, I never thought it would come this fast but great. Hope the east can pick it up some soon. 1 1/2 years is on target for cfl. Rebuild. You don’t need 3 years to be competitive.

"1 1/2 years is on target for CFL rebuild"??

From what kind of data or examples did you pull that from? I think that's pretty darn optimistic to be honest. Given the mess that Jones inherited, and the almost complete purge and over haul that was required, I'm comfortable saying 3 years. Year one being the purge and essentially a year long training camp iot get some pieces in place. Year two being used to build on year one, hopefully having the roster pretty much fleshed-out by end of year, have some depth built-in, and putting together some credible wins. Year three being able to demonstrate that you are a winning franchise.
I think that is pretty much what we are seeing. I still think they need to solidify a few spots and put together a good string of wins before their rebuild could be considered complete. But that is simply my "rough swag", I have no concrete data to support that.

Solid,solid win by the guys in all 3 phases. Offense got off to a good start and put up points in the first half but didn’t do much in the second which was a bit disappointing, still they took care of the ball and allowed the defense to get a break. Speaking of which, man they sure took care of their end and more. Turnovers,relentless pressure, good coverage,scoring, yes they did it all and did it well. Kudos to them for stepping up after the week off and coming out with grit and some nastiness and not taking undisciplined penalties. Reilly never got comfortable back in the pocket and was hurried or hit fairly often and that is an accomplishment in itself.

Now to get ready for the Bombers who are on a roll themselves and won’t be an easy win, still if they play like they did last night they can I feel get the job done. Have to get the split at least and far easier to get it at home then in Winnipeg. I’m going to the LDC and hope after not being at one in so many years to not come home disappointed. Should be a good game and I’m sure the joint will be a jumping.

I have a feeling other teams are not going to be looking forward to us on the schedule as much as they have been in the past. I hope the team continues to build on the last two games and when we face the Stamps we lay the lumber to them too.

I have to agree. 1.5 years is a pretty short time w/o a whole lot of luck landing in your lap. The past many years...sure...maybe out east....not in the west. It takes 1.5 years just to start seeing real fruit come from the negotiation list...something that was simply horrible in Sask. I have spoken to multiple people (more than a half dozen) who know who was on that list and the highest number I got that someone said they would keep was 7....the next closest was 4. That is a pretty steep hill to climb. The Canadian content though...that was even more massive. The Rider depth for Canadians was non existent...FFS, how many times did people scratch their head at 'where is the 7th Canadian.' Hell, sometimes it was 'where is the 6th.' Now we see 3 imports on the OL and it isn't an issue. The good vets that were rostered...there is not a team out there that would have picked up their contracts...it was at the point neg listers were being asked for just to assume the contracts. So pathetic national depth...Imports you can't afford and hands down the worst neg list in the league. I think they have done pretty good.

I'm with you on this. James is having an impact.

agreed the middle of that line is getting the push required to make the D ends more effective , which in turn is helping out the back end .