Riders at Bombers


Game is on TSN3 thanks to horrible time management during the Cats/Als game.

Riders had a really nice drive from their own 1, but Milo missed a 35 yarder again. 1-0 Riders.

Yup, good old consistent Milo. Can always depend on him on finding ways to kill momentum.

Not a big fan of all the blitzing personally, we have a pretty good pass rush without it and it opens things up down the field for Willy.

Quick little TD drive from the Bombers, 7-1 Winnipeg.

How long does a QB have to be wrapped up for before they blow the play dead? Don't agree with that fumble.

Ya forward progress was stopped for a long time.

I guess it didn't matter, field goal blocked and run all the way back for a TD. What a crazy turn of events.

Pretty sure that block had nothing to do with a new long snapper, just a completely missed assignment by a blocker.

Tuned in at a good time; TD Riders - 8-7 Sask.

Bombers offense having it's way with the Rider D so far.

For the first game we had 43 guys watching the CFL game and 10 NFL games, we are now up to 69 viewers and the Sports Bar Manager has added another TV to the several we had for the first game. So now we have the CFL and only 2 NFL.
After watching the first CFL game the interest has increased significantly.
Do you mind if we have any questions or comments during the game we Post them and maybe you will give us a better understanding of the CFL?
There won't be many since I am doing this on my phone and missing the game!

Great to see Drew Willy move the football none the less.

Ask away.

My one complaint is that they don't adequately show replays of penalties. We have no idea what Kohlert did for a 15 yard penalty.

Replacement long snapper rears it's ugly head. Riders have 10 points and 9 of them were gifts.

While there is a commercial
How many offensive players can be in motion before the ball is snapped?
How many seconds are on the play clock?

One comment, everyone likes the five yard rule on puts rather the standard fair catch.

I wonder how long the Bombers stick with Kuale? He takes bad penalties and is average as a defender.

You can have 5 guys in motion at the snap of the ball (pretty sure on this) and the play clock is 20 seconds. Although some time does run off the clock in between plays before the playclock starts.

Oh great we have a GA Tech grade here, the Rough Riders now have another fan.
Who is favored to win this game?

Probably the Bombers slightly since they're at home and they have the loudest stadium in the CFL. I think the Riders are the better team, but hard to bet against the Bombers at home.