Riders at BC

Well I'm pumped. Listen to 3 hours of pregame radio on the Riders. A must win for the riders if they hope to host a playoff game. 20 minutes until kickoff, GO RIDERS!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I know that I'll be pilloried about this by some of you....but the Leos shiny black unis make them look like some wet alien lifeform.

...radar absorbing material

Nice no yards call on the McCallum punt. 2 yds away

Great DD looks flustered again. One hop pass ..... My god it may be a long night.

Total weak call on the BC PA. Looks like refs trying to make it easy again for sk.

Total weak call on the BC PA. Looks like refs trying to make it easy again for sk.
The replay shows the lions player grabbing the rider in the middle of the #7 and holding him down

Not even the lions player complained .... You could use the replay on that to demonstrate what a undisputed pi call is

Even with refs help they can't stop them - welcome back riders ... We missed you :rockin:

Finally DD runs. That is what we are missing!

Dumb penalty, that is what we are not missing, geez

...beat the crap out of each other, please

Milo, what the hell is going on? 26 yds chip shot, come on man!

You guys are doing fine. You don't need any help.

So far so good! We have left 5 points off the table though already...

Hopefully that doesn't bite us in the a$$

Keep up the good work boys!

BC will come out strong. Riders need to keep capitalizing and not wait for 4 minutes left in the game. Let's win by a lot. Demarco to crumble.

Will they play Pierce?

Right, because making it so a guy can't leave his feet to go after a pass is not PI? :roll:

I thought it was a good call, and pretty impressive that it was actually seen due to positioning.

The reffing, through 1 half, has been pretty solid IMO.

You had better think the one on Brack in the endzone to start the 3rd was bogus then as well. That was an even lighter grab...but he held too long

That was a lame pass interference call. No pull at all how did that ref even see what the hand was doing? He had no angle on it. Dressler on his call was pulled down.

Only 2 bad calls so far IMO - the 2 pi calls against a the riders are not normally called but so long as they now call every play that a defender touches a receiver no matter how light the touch - I'm ok with it

For example that last play should have been pi - the lion players hand touched the rider and although it didn't impact the play it should have been called if they called it consistent