Riders at BC - Let the trash talking begin

Should be a great game. I'm hoping for 45,000+, 50 would be outstanding. I just checked ticketmaster and there are no longer 2 seats available together in the lower bowl. Should be a fun game to attend!

Go Lions

good teams, great rivals, should be a great game.

15000 Rider fans.. Gainer and 5000 gopher holes..you guys aint got a chance :slight_smile:

ummmm im just wonder if Gainer is allowed at BC Place? :cowboy:

Last time there was a West Final against the Riders at BC Place, the Riders hyped up how many fans they'd bring. All in all, they probably had about 3,000 out of the 55,000.

I hope that the Western Final is a good close game, and the team that goes on to the Grey Cup will have earned it. It will be a good game to watch, no matter who wins. Good Luck to both Saskatchewan and BC next Sunday.

Should be a good game. Looking forward to flying home for this one. Riders had the Lions number, winning 3 or 4. The Stamps had the Riders number and look what happened. Whoever wins in the West Final should win the Grey Cup. Good luck to the West Finalists. I'm sure the trash talking will pick up as the week goes on.

This should be a classic game. Hopefully it will be close to a full house to witness this affair.

To all Lions fans, we do not want close do we? lol. Its time to have a decisive game, not close, and having Saskatchewan here to finally settle this so called Sask has our number thing. I think having them here will motivate the Lions more than having Calgary, the games at B.C. Place, and Dave Dickenson has to have a breakout playoff games one of these days, so lets have a bigger win, not close. For the rest of the country I hope you enjoy the game, but I will be there and expect the Lions to dominate. No close game, and I'm not sorry to say so, enough is enough from this team. ITS SHOW TIME!


A blowout would be nice but I don't see it happening.

If the Lions win AND pack the Dome, I will be one happy fan in attendance.

as far as numbers go, i estimate 52-54,000 6-8,000 of which will be green and white.

It shall be a thriller no doubt. Gainer will most likely be allowed , but it may be the curse for the green and white.

I just want a HARD FOUGHT well played game, with the winner of the contest being the DESCICIVE victor, without replay drama BS that 'could have been' for either club.

runns around appartment franticly looking for couch change and a way to watch the game across the pond in bc place stadium

It should be a pretty good game

I'm glad we're playing Saskatchewan. Should be a classic.

I love it... Blow out... not even close.. Gophers suck...poor little Riders against the Big city boys..just the way I like it :slight_smile:

I hope it is

Somehow I don't see the Lions handing you the game with 6 turnovers, like Calgary did. It will be a great game. I'm picking the Lions. If I'm wrong (not bloody likely), then crush the East at all costs!

Let's just say that if the Riders own the Lions for the first 20 minutes like they owned the Stamps, but are losing 4-3, or are ever down 21-5, I don't like our chances.....