I think we rebound from the Ottawa loss however is DC going to burn us or will coverage prevail and our Defense shines?
Gonna need Offense guys!!!
Go Riders GO!

I had a good feeling about this game until the Ottawa game showed the blueprint on how to take our defence out of the game by that I mean not allowing them to score or give us that big momentum swinging play. They did this by a solid running game and safe effective passing. I believe Trestman will be watching that footage very closely, Our defence played good enough to beat Ottawa but with our pedestrian offence we couldn’t get traction to score when necessary (story all season so far). If you take away the two returns that special teams gave us it was ugly. The saving grace is I don’t believe Toronto’s secondary is anywhere near as good as Ottawas so I hope for better from the O.

So I will be cheering and watching with hope but I will secretly nervous that it could be ugly. But relying on special teams and defence to score half your points a game is not sustainable for a season.

I also wish they were staying out east like last season as that seemed to bond the team and be a turning point for the late push.

Go Riders.

I can see DC catching some passes, enough to inflate his ego. Start ‘Yipping & Yapping’ - and take a ‘Unsportsmanlike’ penalty for 15 and then get benched by Trestman.

The stupid 15 yards penalties really frustrated me when he was a Rider. I was NOT a fan when the Riders signed him, grew to like him and became a fan. He was always taking 15 yard penalties - and it hurt the team. I don’t see this changing, it’s just the way he is wired. I would like to see him do well playing pro-football (I’ve become a fan) - just not against the Riders. I cheer first for the team, then the players.

Our right side O-line did not have a good game against Ott. - I see a huge improvement there for the Tor. game.

I also think McAdoo will call a better game - or Jones will rip him a new one - IMHO.

Go Riders.

Can’t believe Shaq Evans is on tomorrow’s depth chart, thought Kenny Shaw might get on instead.

Yes, hard to believe, didn’t seem very aggressive against Ottawa.
Gotta go after those balls aggressively, and hang on!!!

he drops more balls than Getz ever did, can’t believe he’s not riding the pine now!!

That game was closer than it should have been. A win is a win I guess.

Way closer then it should have been
Seemed to let up in second half compared to first half.
Bring on Montreal?!

yup…you take a win and then say thank you very much move on and look to improve for the next game…close gamesare usually won by better teams …just ask the BC lions about the last drive for a TDand the two-pointconvert with no time on the clock to tie it up…then the OT win…then ask ti-cats why their coach why he elected that single point punt instead of trying the field-goal…

look at the positive, when's the last time the O had 2 passing and 1 rushing Td