Rider's at Als week 6

Well if DD starts we win, if Gale starts, will be close, not taking anything away from Gale, but he's still a rookie in my eyes...should be a good game, any thoughts.

I think we win this one.

Clark, Jones, X left practice yesterday...so we will see today

NEED one of them minimum

If not...ouch. Montreal is an aggressive rush D...need OL in good shape to handle that. If it is not then expect more Walter and Moore in the backfield

McDonald being cut...looking forward to see who gets the look...potential that it is Campbell if they are down to 2 NI on the OL

If we are to rate Gale's performance last week, take away the bad snaps and we win going away. Yes, an argument can be made for Ottawa losing their starting QB but their back up hits a TD on his first pass. Gale is the first back up DD has had since Willy that can actually make a read. Yes, Als are angry and Riders haven't won two in a row since.....since.....? I still think we have a shot but it comes down to stupid mistakes. Oh, and if Andre Proulx is the ref, we're done at the coin toss.

Actually I like our chances with the Als on a very short week and probably a bit banged up themselves. Yes their D line is going to a handful but again after playing on Monday they probably won't have quite as much in the tank. We seem to be in tough at Montreal but if they keep the guys on a short leash of not staying out late they should be all right.

Have to get off to a quick start and take the starch out of them early. If we could get a two score lead the Als may not have the gas to come back.

We really need this one and at the first of the season this is one of the games I thought we had a good chance of winning. If we don't then the next few will be real tough. Calgary back to back Hamilton and then Edmonton so no picnic there.

If Gale can continue to not turn the ball over and put a few points on the board I like our chances.

Buddy Jackson out and sixed....that is a massive blow

Yup Clark and Fulton 6 gamed Jackson too. :frowning:
"Taylor Shire

Brendon LaBatte, Xavier Fulton, Dan Clark, Buddy Jackson, Graig Newman, Jake Waters, Armanti Edwards placed on 6-game injured list. #Riders"
10:17 AM - 28 Jul 2016

I thought Clark was promising to get back for this week but I guess that is shot all to hell. Why not start Picton at center instead of Jones? Bowman is going to be looking forward to this one .

I would like to see a FB in instead for a Rb just to try and keep Gale alive. Hell we are't running anyways get a bigger body in to slow down some of the bull rushes that are sure to come?

Yeah, Clark was looking good to come back but went down in practice.

X going onto the 6 is crushing...he got hurt in practice...Hall is likely to get pushed around.

These injuries are getting just brutal...20 on the 6....most of them legit

shame....I feel like this team was inching its way in the right direction....but it is at the point that a couple of these injuries could be season changers...that is a piss pile of adversity to overcome! Better hope King and Best come off the 6 on time...also Brooks. I don't recall ever seeing an entire starting OL out before...but here we have it!

for this game....the Als are giving up the most rushing yardsw per game....but the Riders the 2nd lowest rushers per game...need to give that ball to Dyer and see what he can do. Rookie OLmen are generally dominated in run blocking...but they need to try IMO...thorpe is no idiot though....so they will need to mix in a lot of play action and screens to get the LBs out of those gaps!

With a mostly rookie front O meaning have not played as a group for any period of time, I am Happy DD sits another game out, sure hope Gale does not get shell shock from all the possible sacks! Will be one interesting game. It will also give Gale another chance to prove he's # 2.

Go Riders

Pick two of the biggest guys on the team and have them lay down about 5 ft in front of Gale ^. At least it will take a few more seconds to go around them or over them to get to Gale. :wink: Go no huddle right off the hop and get their tired D line gassed early.

I like that idea. "tempo" offense

I cringe at the thought putting Gale or any QB out their to the wolves while our O suffers so many injuries. Gale shows serious potential and another QB injury would again throw us back to square one, no back up. What I really don't understand is why are we loosing so many players during practice. At the rate players are dropping out during games and practice we'll have more men on the injury list than the roster sheet. I just hope tonight we can get through this game without loosing Gale, I truly believe he will be a big part of this teams future, he plays a good game, has a good arm, and looks quite comfortable/reliable. This team has to have 2 reliable QB that everyone can count on ! Gale looks good, DD is proven. But i'm not totally convinced Darian is !00% and also seems more susceptible to injury or reoccurring injury . But sure a great QB to have around when you need one. Time the Oline get some serious and extra attention to protect and keep our QB's healthy. Anyways rant over, hope we win and the QB's don't get killed back there.


Umm that is singular isn't it? as in QB? I mean if Gale goes down then realistically the next guy is just a sacrifical lamb offered up for the slaughter.Seriously I know Durant was listed as number 3 on the depth chart but I would hope no matter what that he would stay on the bench. As much as I want the win I would hate to see him go out there not able to move and possible suffer a career ending injury. Then the rest of the season would be really bleak.

End first 1/4 and our D once again sucked!! I am not seeing a better D here, and with a back-up QB I will be surprised if we win this, This team has not improved enough to be a contender this season!! Might as well kept last years team... LOL

Does our D-line know where 1 yard is of the line of scrimmage?
D-line takes 2 offside penalties in 1 series ? How many for the season ? 3 that I'm aware of .

First off, Kendall Lawernce and pack his bags and head back to Edmonton, as a returner, he sucks, might as well kept T Jackson, way better returner. This D of Jones is no better than last years D, with a few exceptions, like Cox, JK JR and a few others, this is just as bad. it is going on almost 2 years of lots of losses and a few wins, enough already, Jones over gutted this team, and once again, we the fans will watch another year of failure.

Our O is not as good as last year, but still with even gale, who has done little in this game, beats our D. How long do we put up with this crap as fans, Jones is all ego and in my opinion is no better than Chambers. This has been one crappy game to watch. someone on CFL forums called this game the garbage bowl, you know what they are right!!

On a positive note I like Dyer as our RB, he is better than what we have had. :x

Disgusting showing.

Yah think!!

So much for the great Jones fearsome D. What a joke. Our D line just plain sucks. Yes I will buy injuries to the O line and yes I will buy some blown coverage on a young secondary, but I simply cannot stomach this lame *** D line.

Glenn had little to worry about all night and it was pitch and catch for him and his receivers.

Oh and can anyone explain how Lawrence keeps his job? He just plain sucks in every aspect and yet he is still here?

This was over before the anthem was done. For a team coming off a win and the other coming off a loss and a short week I would swear it should have been the other way around. Yeah right.

Face it if Ottawa had Harris not get injured they would have shredded us and almost any starting qb will with so much time to find open targets. That isn't a knock on the secondary but on the D line. Even the best secondary will lose coverage if the qb has all day to wait for it to happen.

Special teams are not doing us any favors except for crappy, but we couldn't even get close enough for him to try a field goal.

What a pathetic team effort all around. Well StormRider The best thing that didn't happen is Gale didn't get killed. He just died a slow death out on the field.

The back up O line did ok all in all considered, I also Like this Dyer kid!! Gale did little tonight

I felt Dyer's results were "meh" though it was his first game. He ran up to the line and shuffled...he blew 3 runs on 8 carries...2 of which killed drives... and had a rushing average 10-15% less than Steele...again...first game, but less than impressive...I thought he would show much better against the worst d against rushing in the league...even with a patchwork OL

The OL was worse than I thought it would be...it collapsed all night....Gale had to anticipate the push and hope to step forward through it...how he was not absolutely obliterated by a LB at some point is beyond me. He never had any time to let anything develop whatsoever...which is why the O totally imploded.....the Als D was way way forward because there was no threat of Gale having ling enough to pass deeper