Riders at Als GDT

Since nobody else has started one.

Pretty slow start by the Offenses so far. I thought the Riders were fortunate on the Bakari Grant touchdown, that was VERY close, and I thought they'd rule it a fumble.

Thought it would be ruled out before it crossed the plane too but I guess they figured the ball wasn't completely loose. Saskie with a surprise (to me) lead at the half

One other factor that might have weighed in was that the replay view wasn't right along the goal line, it was yard or so off so the angle wasn't perfect. Ruling on the field stands up so often on those plays, it's not a huge surprise, but a lucky break I think.

I thought it was a fumble. The official on the play (#51) wasn't in perfect position and should have been right on the line...he was a bit behind. To be fair though, it's tough for the deep guy to get in position on a play like that but the control centre should have caught that. Not sure what their definition of a fumble is but that ball was starting to come lose BEFORE it hit the plane of the goal line.

Both Dunigan and Stegall thought that the TD shouldn't have stood - thought Grant didn't have complete control but the angle might of the camera being a bit behind makes sense.
Both offenses have been pretty anemic - at least until the end of the half probably because the defenses were running out of gas!

Brutal/sad the whole panel agrees on the fumble, ball out stuff. Forward progression, football still crossed the plane in Roughrider's hand. Touchdown

The video judge prolly thought the tip of the ball had reached the tip of the goal-line. From his angle. Since the call on the field was TD - hard to over-turn. Same if the call had been fumble - really hard to overturn despite what the 3 highly paid experts say!

As far as the game - Old Glenny gradually taking over the game vs. eventual Hall of Famer Durant.

Biggest difference - Glenn rarely afraid to let loose the pass, has confidence in his arm and route-runners. Durant a different kettle of fish. Far more paranoid about cutting loose, relies on his old legs (which are broken down now) too much and doesn't let the ball fly like Glenn.

Their point seemed to be whether or not the ball was under control and they felt it wasn't. Not going to change anything now! Looks like the offenses are finally rolling and the D's are taking this half "off" - or at least easy!

Wish they'd get this illegal contact challenge out of the game. Riders got unlucky on the Marshall run where his helmet popped off. He had a first down but it's blown dead when the helmet pops off.

This hasn't been a stellar showcase of football so far. Pretty bland game.

Well they did try to "spice" it up a bit by opening the turnover bakery! :wink: :smiley:

The turnovers were burnt :lol:

Nice run by Cunningham. That's not a horsecollar tackle though.

Apparently any tug downward on the back of the jersey is considered to be a horse collar - according to qhat I heard the commentators say earlier.

Missed opportunity for the major but the FG gives the larks the slight edge - for now.

Demski with a boneheaded play with the chance to get a 1st down. Never run backwards guys.

Well a some what exciting finish. Riders got way too conservative once they got in field goal range, should have been about 10 yards closer without a ton of work. Left a ton of points out there tonight.

Regina had 2 pts in the hopper until Tyler Crapwood dropped a Troy Westwood poo on the final kick for the win.

Shoulda been a 35 to 40 yd kick btw - but inferior clock management by Corky & Co. cost the riders the bonus yardage.

And I thought Microchet was a clock management stuperstar!!! :cowboy:

on the horsecollar - the announcers said that this year if you grab the jersey from behind and use it as the sole means of pulling the player down - its a horse collar penalty. So if those are the new rules - he clearly had him by the jersey so no issue with the call. In a way those QB's that run alot are going to love this new rule ..... eliminate the ability to use the jersey from behind to tackle and it opens up the field big time.

Anyhow - they played a bit better but what the heck was corky thinking putting in bridge for the play? Dumb - Dumb move

Too conservative at the end with lots of time to get it to a much more manageable field goal distance. They also had 2 turnovers in the Als side of the field and left a ton of points on the field. I thought they’d lose this game so it’s not a surprise really, but they outplayed Montreal.

Have to say I really enjoyed tonight's game. Game one a thriller. Well done!!
Pick Montreal BUT thought SASK should have won.