Riders at Als 9/30/2018

That looked offside, again no call?

Seemed to me that the riders jumped offsides on both downs

Thought the same

Als d can not stop a jr player

It was little better last year

Riders O-Line seems to follow the “The refs will only call so many holding penalties” strategy.

Have to admit Collaros made a great play

I thought the convert was good … but CFL refs never make mistakes.

Three defenders, not one of them had the guts to wrap…gutless.

Wow! A trick play for a TD!!

Two games in a row now Khari Jones has thrown a curve. . . pass to JM last game, and the flea flicker now.

Money sign! Love it.

Maybe he has switched to a random play generator algorithm.



Thank goodness for Bowman

Man, Collaros drops the ball alot

Man-oh-man … Logan just eats up all those yards with nobody from the other team in them …
#get younger&shiftier

Logan is one of many vets I expect not to be wearing an Alouette uniform next season

Sometimes better lucky than good… That was a blind throw.