Riders at Als 9/30/2018

DB Ty Cranston (from Practice Roster)
QB Vernon Adams (from 6-game Injured List)

Dondre Wright (to 6-game Injured List)
Tyrell Sutton (traded to BC)

Earlier in the week John Lu reported that Als were practicing with 6 OL. Reasoning was to both protect the QB better as well as having one less making receiver to make passing more familiar for Johnny Manziel who is used to one fewer player. Since Chris Jones will sometimes only rush 3, there could be times where the Als look bad when no receiver is open and Manziel still gets sacked.

I think by now we have all figured that considering this offense as a whole, nobody is going to throw 30 passes in a game. Whoever is the QB will throw relatively low risk passes and end up around 200's in passing yards.

In the US, the game will be broadcast on ESPN2. This is the 2nd to last regular season broadcast on tv. The last contest to be aired this season is also an Als game. All the other remaining regular season games are on ESPN+.

Also Ryder Stone to 1-game and INT RB Lawrence Pittman added.

Okie, Thank you for the information! So happy I will be able to watch on ESPN2!

Charleston Hughes Versus Sean Jamieson…

The Riders might get close to 10 sacks today! :o

It will be interesting to see what changes Jones and Dunn made to their offense to deal with this. This game will tell more about the coaching of this team than the talent of the field.

Could Lavoie as a FB not be used a little more to help offset some of the pressure?

How many times was Wily sacked in the first game? Are the Als stronger or weaker now? All the games I saw Wily played he was pretty much a statue back there.

Lavoie lined up in protection a few times right next to Jamieson last game, especially in the second half. The Bombers still managed to generate pressure on some plays. When Manziel did have time, it looked like all the receivers were covered, because he would hold onto the ball too long.

One thing Manziel can improve upon, is getting rid of the ball if no one is open. He held onto it far too long many times last game.

Agreed. Jones and Dunn have to earn their paychecks. Remember when Trestman would use 3 receiver sets, with 8 players in protection?

5 receivers sets are useless if the QB can’t get the ball to either one of them.

Why can’t Manziel learn to throw a ball away ??

Ernest Jackson??
How not to run/walk a route!

Why doesn’t Ernest Jackson actually RUN his routes … even modest effort would have given him a huge gain, if not a TD

To even throw a ball away you need to have the time to do it so you don’t throw an interception … on the one before Bede’s 548th illegal kick of the season JM made the mistake of stepping up into the pocket that was collapsing … thereafter he never had a chnace IMO to safely throw it away

I don’t see it that way. I saw him panic (again) and he had adequate time to throw out of bounds

Refs blow a call and Als are forced to use their only challenge to correct it … perhaps if you are right on your first challenge you should have a second … somewhat offsets this type of situation without encouraging useless challenges.

TD Pipkin!

Why is the tackling so awful?

I hope that’s not representative of the defense this game…

This is not the Noel Thorpe “D”