Riders at Als 08|09|2019

Riders at Als in just five days. Will the team be without Adams and Stanback? We should know more tomorrow when the Als resume practice.

Wen Adams went down that changed to Als Offensive game plan immensily.
As Well Ottawa made no bones they were going to stack the Box & make Pipken throw. Or have Montreal get outside on runs.
Which VA has been able to do on QB runs.
& something I think Montreal was going to begin scheming for using a bit more Jerimiah Johnson out of the backfield.
Regardless. The Als get to stay home w/o travel. Which could give them a lil extra time to scheme for several scenerios

Als Special Teams coverage was awful as we saw.
Bede has been bang on as a place kicker and strong leg on Kick offs.
Now we are into the mid 3rd of the season. The Als have to be thinking about bringing in a Punter that can place the ball. Etc.
Ive said this before. The all in one kicker is fading out.
Punting & Kicking are two different specialities.
Special Teams are too important in the CFL to skimp on that in this modern era

The YouTube clip will start at 143 seconds, the punt return for TD. The
play-by-play guy says “Bede … likely will try to angle this”.

Then what happens ? No distance, no hang time, no tackling, no foot speed,
and a no yards penalty (declined). A line drive punt which bounced straight
into the waiting arms of Dedmon, a rookie destined for CFL stardom.

News on Vernon Adams Jr. and William Stanback? Been quiet. Hoping that the news are positive.


I now read on RDS that both players were absent from practice.


Problem is that, with ratio implications, an import kicker pretty much *** has to *** handle all aspects of the kicking game … if you are going to use two roster spots on kicking they will be Canadians … unless you have a Global player that can fill one … which brings me to the question of how Enrique Yenny is doing on the practice roster … don’t think current Global Diego Kuhlmann is contributing much.


I suspect that tomorrow is the “fish or cut bait” time for game-planning/roster decisions

SOS all live body QBs

Les Alouettes auraient pu avoir une chance de l’emporter même sans Stanback, mais si on enlève Stanback ET Adams Jr, j’ai malheureusement un mauvais pressentiment.

Agreed on that.

I am guessing Hugo Richard will be the 3rd QB.

I was certainly not impressed with a very hesitant Pipkin Friday. Hopefully a week with full reps will lead to improvement.

Thank you for the information Sheldon.


No problem Richard. Here`s a little more.

I don’t like your chances without Adams.
In fact, him not playing the vast majority of the last game is directly the cause of the loss to the RB.
Pipkin is obviously nowhere close and is not the answer.

Losing him was part of the reason for the loss.

ST giving up 2 TD’s on returns did not help.

Nor using your best offensive player (Stanback) 3 times in the 2 nd half!

Jones will decide based on practice whether Pipkin or Shiltz will start. Neither looked good today. Richard will be 3rd string.

Ive always had a curiosity about Shiltz - hes never really had the chance to show us if he is very good or very bad.

I suspect Pipkin will start but that we`ll see Shiltz at some point.

As for Fajardo, could I have been that wrong about him, that he will never be an elite QB? :)Hopefully Friday at least he makes me look good.

I’m concerned about Adams because (a) he had to leave the Alamo Bowl
after getting his bell thoroughly rung, a few years ago (b) one might
have expected him to tweet or post something by now, to reassure fans.

PS after he left the Alamo Bowl in a fog, his team blew a 31-point lead.

After Vernon Adams transferred to Oregon, his first game was against his former team Eastern Washington. Some people thought the following hit was a cheapshot and was a by-product of Adams somehow betraying his former school by going elsewhere.

To me, Matt Shiltz does not seem like a starter. His passes do not look like something from a first-stringer. Honestly, neither does Vernon Adams. Anyhow, Shiltz is supposed to be a dual-threat qb because he did some running from the pocket at Butler. However at the CFL level, Shiltz does not have the foot-speed to turn any of his quarterback runs into anything more than a token gain.

Late Sunday, Chad Geter made a post sounding like he was ready to play again. Maybe that is why Brandin Bryant was released?

Justin Dunk says the team is signing Frederic Plesius.