Riders assured of Grey Cup with Joseph

Bringing home the Cup will be so sweet. Kerry Joseph will lead us to the promised land! 1st in the West and Grey Cup in 2006.
Riders Rule
Canucks suck

I’ll agree with the Canucks suck part

such a dissapointment

riders winning the grey cup! what a joke HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh my god thats hilarious! i doubt the’ll even make the playoffs!!! they suck hard! oh my god this is the most hilarious thread ever! riders and greycup don’t even belong in the same sentence unless your saying “the riders won’t ever win the grey cup” or “the riders are hosting the greycup, but they’re going to have to watch it from the stands!”

Trust me. As a Gades fan who has seen Joseph play for 3 years, he’s not the key to success. The Riders would have had a better chance with Brad Banks.

good to hear

Now I have to be fair and say there was one correct post last year

......I first read the title of a thread.........then the author........this one caught my eye immediately and raised an eyebrow, but after seeing who wrote it I went back to DefCon One......... :lol: .......long time no hear from you Turk you slightly insane procurror of poultry products.......

Keep reelin' 'em in, Turk.....lol.....as long as there are new members, you'll have no trouble.....

Who knows, maybe Joseph won’t even be the starting qb depending how things turn out in training camp. Far fetched maybe but not out of the realm of possibility.

....The riders got Armstead as an up-grade...but lost Corey Holmes in the process...the so-called up-grade at qb....well listen to the gades fans....I don't think that gets you the Cup....but gobble on turk...you might convince someone.lol lol :lol:

TB, alwasy reliable.

I have to admit, I'm looking forwand to the prosect of a SSK Vs. WPG GC, but WPG will win, home crownd, a team that will step it up after playing possuim though the regular season, look out Riders, cuz here we come!


Even the newbies know it aint gonna happen!!!

1st place in the west for the riders is a dream

Playoff hopes is a dream for the riders.
Turkey show how smart you rider fans are!!!
Welcome back Turkeynuts!!!I sure have missed you!!!!

any team that could go 9 - 9 last year........with neelon & crandell at the controls and domiguez and armstead not in the line up...........I wouldnt take them too lightly this year.........


Joseph has the potential to make the Riders competitive , but lead them to a Grey Cup? I cant see it, too fragile to last a whole season

well.............he cant blame the oline.........or the receiving core, so if he schitz de bed........its his own fault............

Pretty much. However, he's still a vast improvement over Green or Crandell, regardless of experience. He'll at least make them competitive. They could have the receiving corps of Montreal, but with Crandell, they'd still be underwhelming.

well see how joseph goes, remember, the Riders did better than the Gades last season.