Riders Arrogance, this is a good one!

From Josh Smith over at Blogskee wee wee

You gotta read this

[b]All fanbases have their obnoxious fans. The ones who, no matter what, refuse to believe that their team is anything less than perfect. Their favourite team will go undefeated and win the championship every year, and any time they fail to do so, it is always someone else's fault.

I hate fans like that, and nowhere is that attitude better exemplified than with the people who make up "Rider Nation."

Earlier this week, the team itself sent out a tweet and in said tweet they referred to themselves as "Canada's Team."


Sorry to break it to everyone, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders are not, in any way, Canada's Team. In fact, NO team in the CFL is Canada's Team. To be considered the nation's team, one would have to be beloved by a vast majority of the nation. No team in CFL can claim anywhere near 50.1 per cent of the national population as being fans of their team. So just cut this Canada's Team shit out.

But it is not only this Canada's Team nonsense that irks many about the Riders are their fans. No, it goes deeper than that. And the sad part is, it wasn't always this way.[/b]

It's a good one, and the comments after aren't too bad either!

[url=http://blogskeeweewee.blogspot.in/2015/02/a-condemnation-of-rider-nation.html?spref=tw]http://blogskeeweewee.blogspot.in/2015/ ... l?spref=tw[/url]

It’s like the Dallas Cowboy’s of the NFL calling themselves America’s Team.

I guess Rider Nation believe’s that outside of Saskatchewan the rest of Canada supports the Green and White and No other teams?


I live in the states, love football, love the CFL..I have jerseys of quite a few CFL teams..But I can't stand the Roughriders...

I like the last graphic which demonstrates how we should be pulling together. Every fan of the CFL should want every CFL team to be as strong as possible. We gain nothing from someone else's weakness.

I guess when you realize that the Roughriders are all Saskatchewan fans have to cheer about you would then sort of understand their adulation.

Yes, except most people from Saskatchewan are generally very nice, except when it comes to Gang Green fans and their beloved team. They should have to wear a capital 'A' on their foreheads to identify themselves from a distance so they can be avoided in a crowd. (A is for Arrogant).

MFTH - that capital "A" should be coloured blue, so we can hate them MORE!!! :rockin:

It's hilarious that you can pull the word Roughrider out and replace it with Leaf and it's exactly the same. Even the bar graph attitude vs reality is the same.

Now I have to rethink my position on Saskatchewan

From Rod Pederson's article on the CFL site today:

However maybe we should consider renaming this six month period “outside? of the regular season something else. Because, aside from perhaps a day or two around Christmas and New Year’s, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the CFL have been front page news and have dominated our talk shows.

Man oh man is that ever a good thing because we’re never at a loss for things to discuss.

I had to laugh when I read that (bold emphasis mine).I suspect that the CFL and the Riders have been front page news ONLY in Rider Nation! I know in my part of the country hockey is king and a number of other sports are getting far more press coverage than the CFL. Only in Saskatchewan would they think CFL is the main topic of conversation in the off season!

Another example of Pederson's "homerism" which is fine for fans but I find unacceptable for a member of the "supposedly" objective media! Admittedly it was a fan who added up the potential # of remaining games at the stadium.

And that brings us back to the old, or current, Mosaic Stadium. One Rider fan pointed out on social media recently that there are only 22 games left at the Grand Ol’ Lady if you factor in home playoff games in 2015 and 2016. Remarkably there are still citizens of this province who’ve never made it to a home Roughrider game, and part of the reason is because every home game has been televised within the province going back to 2006. So if you’ve never been, now’s the time!

Looking at the graphs posted above, I really have to question the results of the “actual” graph. With BC, HAM, and MTL being equal in the “Finances/fan Support” (privately-owned), and EDM, SK, WPG being equal (community-owned), that leaves CAL, TOR, and OTT as wild-cards. Let’s break this down:

CAL: They only have the Flames and the Stampede with which to compete with Professional Sport dollars, McMahon Stadium is (now) one of the oldest large stadia in the league with no plans for replacement (yet). Average attendance last year was 29,559 (83.50%), and, of course, won the Grey Cup.

TOR: Owned by David Braley, play at Sky Dump, nothing else need be said.

OTT: They sold out every game at Frank Clair Stadium, and have a very good ownership group headed by Jeff Hunt.

Now for the 3 equal privately-owned teams:

BC: Owned by David Braley. Since he also owns the blew team, how does that translate into “financial stability”? Their avg attendance was 28,011, or 53.39% of BC Place. I know you cannot expect 50k bums in seats every game, but this combination needs a re-think.

HAM: Bob Young is a frickin BILLIONAIRE! Hamilton SOLD OUT every seat available to them for the past TWO seasons during the THF fiasco (University if Guelph [13k seats], McMaster University [6k seats], THF PH1 [13k seats], PH2 [18k seats], PH3 [~21k seats] and PH4 [all 24k seats]). Mr. Young has owned the team for the past decade, and has NO plans (that he has publicly mentioned) of selling the team, at least until we have won 5 or 6 GCs in a row. Again, Hamilton’s bar should be adjusted quite higher.

MTL: The Gillette Family is a great owner, but, for the past few years, that has not translated into bums in seats. Montreal fans are fiercely loyal to their teams, but they will NOT put up with mediocrity. I think their bar is set accordingly.

As for the free pass given to the community-owned teams - that simply shows the bias of the writer. Yes, it is difficult for a community-owned team to fold, but the fan support is NOT always a given.

You don't help your own credibility when you substitute the name of the previous owners of the Montreal Canadiens for the actual, present owners of the Montreal Alouettes (the Wetenhalls).

As the Original poster, the graphs are not accurate at all, I copied them from somebody else off the net
I really thought that it was obvious they are not statistically correct as there are no numbers to the graphs,
guesstimates is all they are.
It had nothing to do with Blogskee’s wonderful rant, I just added to it.
Apologies if I have misled anyone.

Thanks for pointing that out, unfortunately it's too late for me to edit my post with the correct information. You didn't have to be a jerk about it, though.

Rider Fan : "We're unique . There's no other fans quite like us."

Rest of League Fans : "Rider fan whipped a beer can at my buddy's head ...."

Rider Fan : "So what ? that happens everywhere - we're no different.

I agree. They are so much "Canada's team" that Alberta fans won't attend their own home games when Canada's team and their fans come to town...

arrogance - : an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people

obnoxious - : unpleasant in a way that makes people feel offended, annoyed, or disgusted

Mirror - a piece of glass that reflects images

: something that shows what another thing is like in a very clear and accurate way

Whatever you are attempting to say has been lost in your arrogance. That is why nobody likes you.

Wasn't meaning to be a jerk. I guess I'm a bit sensitive to my team's fanbase being put down, and took mild offence because the putdown wasn't even accurate with respect to the specifics of the team. Think about how you'd feel if I said Hamilton fans wouldn't tolerate a loser even though MLSE has done a great job of owning the Cats. :wink:

Will agree, MLSE ie. Rogers is running the Cats much to the chagrin of Caretaker. Get the Argos into a new home soon or else fold 'em or else the CFL in S Ont including the Cats is nothing but a pure joke.

Caretaker, you're a nice guy and want to see things play out as they should on a nice little timeline, but these times don't call for nice guys on such a timeline. What's going on with the Argos? It will affect the Cats bottom line. Put up or shut up with the Argos in the next few months. I'm getting sick of it. And it's affecting me wanting to purchase TiCat tickets to be brutally honest. You have to think about this Caretaker, I know you don't like controversy but it's here and you have to deal with it.